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BB's Press Conference and Media Reaction....

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    BB's Press Conference and Media Reaction....

    Well, what do you all think?

    Seems a majority were surprised by the candor BB showed during his press conference yesterday.  To begin with, that 7 minute monologue at the beginning is so unlike his past actions.  All in all, I feel he did great and positioned himself and the team to move on with Patriots TEAM business.  The AH stuff is all outside of football right now.

    With that said, I do find it amazing that there are many who blame the Pats for what happened!!  "They should have known!" is a common sentiment.  How could they know what AH does in his private life withou invading his privacy?  As BB said, and as we have experienced thoughout the NFL, players make bone headed decisions that derail their careers.  You can't stop "stupid", I guess.  Of course, you have the obvious haters comments which give the Pats no credit at all for how they handled this mess.

    Lastly, with the team opening camp tomorrow, I look forward to more football banter here than this "off the field" stuff!  GO PATS!!!

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    Re: BB's Press Conference and Media Reaction....

    regardless of BB's speech, I think the criminal and civil cases will inevitably take a life of their own...and the media will turn it into whatever they want.