~And I agree.  Brady needs more bad-#ss in'im.  And ya can't say that he hasn't had that passion...  It's just been worn & diluted.  I understand that a certain brand of firey passion oftentimes...well-Ages in the doldrums of same-old-schtick, year in and year out...  But in lieu of that youthful exuberance, I would love to see a bit more an aged gunslinger.  Picture if you will, Like Brett Favre...but rather than A real "Brett Favre", Brady could be a bad-#ss in ALL the places that Brett Favre remains largely silent...sorta like 10% additional smart & sometimes-p!ssy elder gun-totter sm#ck-talk, verses The Brett Favre sm#ck-talk of a lauding himself and his dvmb-#ss brand of gunslinger ways, while also lauding his dvmb-#ss unaccountable off-field ways.  =Kinda like that differential...and TB12 Additional. 

It'd be nice to see him go out firing hard for him and his crew...I think that would persevere him through the trials & tests he'll be seeing as he rounds his late 30's-onward to 40.  A little more real hot/real cold "OG" in TB.  Verses a Nice guy to the very end.  It would help make him that UN-Questioned:  The Best.  When ya don't skew that low simmer in to some sorta different brand of heat temper at age 38, even WHEN you could arguably be deemed THE greatest, It oftentimes isn't enough to traverse & transpire through adverse & inspire, as it relates to taking you and your crew all the way to the promised land lone podium, yet once more.  Some great coaches even recognize this in even The greatest players, And trade them to The Chiefs for the final curtain...  I don't want that to happen.  Because with a bit of transference in Brady's much too lax demeanor as an upwardly aged nfl' doesn't have to; He could hit upon something empassioned & yet untapped and reserved himself yet.

Just mo.  I'm sure the old guys won't like it, nor recognize the psychological importance of perhaps walking that long hot coal-walk to the sandy promised land, within and under and with the altered & enhanced additionals of perhaps a different brand of will driving force & strut...even when you've done it so many times that you're feet are all blistered up, and ya just wanna GET there because the same walk over & over- well, it's probably gettin' slightly old hat, As opposed to enjoying the hotly tested temper of just walkin' over those coals once more under a tweeked-to-novel mindset and passion-driver.