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Be proud

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    Be proud

    I may be looking at the Patriots through rose covered glasses, but I think this is a good time to be a Patriot fan.  Yes we have not won the superbowl in the last few years but we have had a team that kept it interesting until the end.  I rememeber the losing seasons of the 80's and early 90's.  Those were not fun times.  This team has talent and the ability to win it all. They started 3 rookies on the defense in a championship playoff!!!  That is amazing.  The talent is better than it has been in years.  They are only going to get better.  Yes they need a few pieces to complete the puzzle but that can be found. 

    Areas that I see a need to improve:

    1.) Wide receiver:  Bring in Hartline and draft a young sprinter

    2.) Safety is still a concern.  McCourdy filled in nicely but he needs a partner out there.  Gregory is not it.  Wilson is a good player but not there yet. 

    3.) They need to resign Vollmer and Talib.  These two are key.  Woodhead and Welker would be a nice addition but I don't see them as key players.  Welker has had a great career with the Patriots but I think his time is coming to an end.  He is no longer a sure handed receiver.


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    Re: Be proud

    You'll see all the teams line up to scoop up Woodhead and Welker if the Pats pass on them!

    Wleker is getting killed on these boards but the offense would struggle mightily without him and Woodhead has carried play on different occasions for the backfield. You can't afford to lose either in my opinion.

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    Re: Be proud

    Agreed on Talib and Vollmer