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Bears getting killed by the replacement refs tonight

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    Re: Bears getting killed by the replacement refs tonight

    In response to ma6dragon9's comment:


    Consistency comes with time.

    Saying they missed calls the other refs would have made I can not agree with. I remember, every season, pulling my hair out from time to time because what was JUST called PI a series earlier is let go now. A QB gets facemasked and it's missed, then the other guy gets a fingernail across the helmet and it's 15 yards. Don't talk like the previous refs were so consistent. They WEREN'T. In fact, I saw plenty of evidence of makeup calls going back and forth with the previous group, not so much of that now.

    I honestly feel that if people weren't waiting for mistakes to harp on, it wouldn't be such a focal point. EVERY year people talk about refs blowing 'easy' calls. EVERY year a few teams petition the league because of a bad call (and they always get dismissed, no way is the NFL ever going to wind back the clack and replay some part of a game). I have heard and read APOLOGIES from the NFL regarding refereeing of the past, admitting what everyone knew: a call had been blown to cost a game.

    I mean, it took all of what, half a quarter to get this thread started? Did the refs lead to Cutler being sacked 7 times and throwing 4 INTs and shoving an OLineman on the sideline? Ther efs didn't impact the outcome of this game either. Remember the Pats/Panthers Super Bowl? How, for about 26 minutes, nobody did ANYTHING, then all of a sudden, about 28 points before the half combined. Sometimes offenses figure it out having nothing to do with the refs. To give a bad call credit for one of the best offenses in the league starting to get going is kind of foolish. Maybe it woke them up, maybe not. Maybe it gave them a little confidence, maybe not. Or maybe, just maybe, MVP Aaron Rodgers and a VERY GOOD offense finally got going after a poor start. And maybe that poor start had to do with #1 WR option Greg Jennings not playing?

    Seriously. Give these guys a chance, I've never seen SO MUCH attention paid to a few missed calls. ESPECIALLY this early in the season! It's obnoxious. Imagine if any of us got a job that was similar to what we've done, but in fron of thousands of people and TV cameras, and had everyone breathing down our necks just WAITING for an inevitable mistake to jump all over? Who could work in conditions like that? These guys are doing fine, and the more I see analysts and fans piling on, the more I feel inclined to stick up for them.

    Seriously, go watch any old game and watch all the missed and bad calls. Personally, I've enjoyed the PRODUCT, you know, the actuall football being played, every bit as much, if not MORE (thanks to the DBs) than opening Sundays past.


    Dragon, these were extremely basic mistakes that college refs shouldn't make. 1 major one that lead to points in which they originally got right then after review got it wrong. I understand in the heat of the moment mistakes like holds, PI's, stuff like that but how do you review a play and get it completely wrong, not only get it completely wrong but overturn the right call to begin with. Then how do you as the ref blowing the whistle watch a GB player take a cheap shot then call the other player when they protect themselves? In the replay you see 2 refs watch the event then call it on the Bears player. Those aren't in the heat of the moment events and did have a huge effect on the game. Those two events happened in back to back series and you could clearly see GB became more aggressive and embolded and Chi got more frustrated and was making hot headed decisions based on frustration.

    It's easy to point to a single call a the end of a game as to it costing a game but when calls are made early unless you see how the flow of the game completely changes it's hard to say those calls affected the game. Well if you watched the game you could see how each team changed after the calls and how the flow of the game changed immediately after the calls

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    Re: Bears getting killed by the replacement refs tonight

    Last time i checked the Refs didnt sack Cutler 8 times.

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    Re: Bears getting killed by the replacement refs tonight

    Pats -

    I have definitely seen the refs review a play and get it what the majority thought was dead wrong. It's happened. Tuck rule anyone? It wasn't an imcomplete pass. not even with the muddled rules on the books should that have been overturned. But it was. IN a playoff game. with the game on the line.

    I didn't see the cheap shot play, so I'm it possible the refs watched the CHI player take a swipe OFF camera, the GB player retaliate, then CHI take another shot? As you described it, it does seem bad, but the cameras often don't catch everything.

    And if one wrong 12 men on the field call took CHI out of their game, shame on them. Refs, and their mistakes, always have, and always WILL be a part of the game, and they shouldn't be so weak to let one call deflate them.

    Check this out:

    When these refs blow calls like THAT, then people can complain. Mishearing a coin flip in OT! Bad calls costing a Super Bowl! No, I DO NOT WANT the old refs back. Good bad nfl refs, and watch all the websites dedicated to critisizing NFL officials pop up...they existed BEFORE this season.

    And here's the ref who cost SEA the SB in 2006 admitting as much:


    Seriously, enough talk about them (replacement refs).

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    Re: Bears getting killed by the replacement refs tonight

    Of course all refs blow calls some of the time. No one is perfect. The issue is how frequently they do it.  There's also an issue around consistency--do the refs call the same play the same way 99% of the time or 75% of the time?  It's hard to prove one way or the other without looking carefully at tapes of every single game over the past few years, but in my estimation, it appears that the current refs are making more mistakes and calling plays much less consistently than in the past.  They also, I'm afraid, are missing a lot more than the prior refs.  In the long run, this compromises the integrity of the games and means the NFL is putting a lesser quality product on the field.  

    I don't know if in the end it made any difference in the final outcome, but the blown 12-men-on-the-field-call, allowed GB to score a field goal that otherwise they wouldn't have scored had the call been correct.  Is that significant? In my mind, yes.  Similarly, the missed PI call on McCourty in the Pats game possibly took a TD away from the Titans.  As a Pats fan it's no great loss, but it does call the integrity of the game into question and personally I'd rather see the Pats win fair and square than on a blown or questionable call. 

    I also think Eng makes and excellent point, that GB's defensive backs got much more aggressive when they realized the refs were not making calls against them (I noticed that too and I'm sure others did as well).  A lot of folks don't like the "Polian" rules and wish DBs always had more ability to make contact. That of course is a legitimate opinion (and one I don't disagree with), but if we are going to get rid of the Polian rules, we should do it on-purpose and consistently, not by accident and in a completely inconsistent way.  I agree fully with Eng that the nature of the game changed last night because of the refs.  And even if I like the change, I don't think the change should come by accident as it did last night. It should be done intentionally with all refs doing it the same way and consistently.  As I see it, the refs are now a wildcard that could break either way in any game.  That's not a good development. 

    Simply put, to ensure the best quality competition, I want the best refs on the field.  I don't want games changed by inconsistent calls made by some semi-pros who haven't had the rigorous training and practice that the real pro refs have had.