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Bedard Now Anti-BB (Officially)

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    Re: Bedard Now Anti-BB (Officially)

    I really dont pay too much atention to what sports writers say or don't say. I read their articles just for entertaintment I guess, not really looking for any accurate info and so forth. But I gotta admit, some of them are completely clueless about the game of football or how some team HC/GM operates within the league's limitations (cap, players safety) and such. BB will be held to a higher standard than Brady I guess, is it fair? Who knows everyone will have a different point of view on the matter. Is it fair to blame just one side of the ball when it's a team sport, and it needs to be a collective effort to reach the team's goal? We'll never agree on the matter, thats for sure. Maybe the  NFL should become like the MLB and have superstars in every position with huge contracts for x numbers of years, have a competitive advantage on the field due to the resources of X teams. Then, people will cry about how unfair it is for smaller market teams that cannot afford to sign high quality players. Every GM in the league drafts their fare share of bust, but how many of us knows every one of them from the smaller market teams if you may? All I know is that no one will be completely happy no matter if we win the superbowl 3x in a row, of if we win it every 5-7 years. If you win it 3 times in a row and you loose on the 4th time they'll cry about it. It's human nature at its best, so it's really useless if you think about it. I'm just happy that my team wins, I don't care if I have to wait a decade, 5 years, whatever it may be, but if
    we're still winning and field a competitive team every year...I'll sign for that on a heart beat!!

    Sunday Can't get here fast enough!!!
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    Re: Bedard Now Anti-BB (Officially)

    Bedard probably can write like that because he is looking at things objectively (without an agenda). For instance if four years ago you jumped on the impending doom of a potential lockout and what it may do to a team's salary cap structure, you may as a person not be able to look at things objectively. I mean, yeah you may carry on for years like a fool because the lockout and "salary cap hell' hurt no one (even the 30 million over the cap steelers kept all their players), but you're really not going to look at things objectively...which is what Bedard gets paid to do.

    Hey, could you run a quick spell check over this^ 
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    Re: Bedard Now Anti-BB (Officially)

    Well that's 'spin' at its finest.  Bedard spewed some hate on that article.

    Can't argue with Russ.  I feel BB has been masterful the past 3 years. 
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    Re: Bedard Now Anti-BB (Officially)

    I believe we will see the true ramifications in the next 2 years with the cap.. Some teams will be in trouble and others will be business as usual (our Pats). 

    Then looking back at the last 3 years of drafting and the development coming through, which Bedard does concede but still attacks BB?  I see your point.  

    Very few teams are built as strong as the Pats, yet as flexible for the future.
      Steelers come to mind, and we already know about the Jets.  

    What team has done a better job is my question to Bedard?

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    Re: Bedard Now Anti-BB (Officially)

    In response to BabeParilli's comment:

    He just tells what the entire sober world knows. A number of bad picks for the D over several years stymied the rebuild and BB has been playing catchup since.

    Catching up to who? I must be drunk. Every team makes bad picks.
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    Re: Bedard Now Anti-BB (Officially)

    Trying to catch up to all the teams that didn't make the Super bowl !!
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    Re: Bedard Now Anti-BB (Officially)

    ESPN New York's Rich Cimini nominates second-round WR Stephen Hill as the Jets' "biggest disappointment" heading into the season.

    "Talented, but oh so raw," writes Cimini. "Needs time to develop, but he doesn't have that luxury on this team." Hill has been lost as an NFL route runner after being limited to "go" routes in Georgia Tech's run-dominant offense. He's not worthy of roster spot in redraft fantasy leagues.

    Drafting isn't easy right?  I'll take BB 999 times out of 1000 when it comes to making personnel decisions...
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    Re: Bedard Now Anti-BB (Officially)

    In response to DelGriffith's comment:

    Yeah, Digger, you must be drunk since you think Bedard, Felger, Mazz, Babe, Hurl, etc are beyond irrational on the topic.

    I bet Babe and Mt Hurl agreed with Borges when he mocked BB for taking Seymour over David Terrell.   Borges was later fired from this here newspaper for being a liar and plagiarizer.  How embarrassing.

    Right on cue, Babe Parilli is in to support the people who have taken the anti-media BB bait for the last 3 years and are too embarrassed to admit they've been had.

    Digging a deeper hol-e (this word is banned? Really?), one post at a time. 

    I'd stop being a fan of this team if I agreed with Felger or Mazz on analyzing the Pats. lmao

    I find it funny that you slam Belichick all day long for how the offense is run and then pretend you are a fan. I also think its hilarious that a guy who thought that Brady was holding back Ocho, thinks he knows more than people that cover the team and write about it for a living. Tell me, what's Ocho doing nowadays? Is he still being ignored while he is getting open deep? Hahaha!! My lord you have no trace of credibility around here. Why don't you just call your next thread "Please agree with me!!"? I mean why not? 

    ^run a quick spell check on that for me

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    Re: Bedard Now Anti-BB (Officially)

    Is this draft not looking epic enough? A lot has to fall in place and I understand that, but you have to be happy with the direction BB is going with it.

    Jones, Hightower, Wilson, Bequette, Ebner, Dennard.....

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    Re: Bedard Now Anti-BB (Officially)

    Hey Getzo how about 999.9? lol yea the media really hates those who don't give them what they want to hear..Even more so if its BB..." Hey Bill, How's Brian Waters situation?" They ask, "We're taking it day to day" he replies,  "Have there been any progress? When is he coming back? " they questioned,  " I have nothing to report on the matter, I'm only talking about the players that are here" he said. lol that drives the media nuts I'd love to see their faces behind the scenes lol I would like to see a chart of the other teams gm's draft pick hits and miss to compare them with BB.
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    Re: Bedard Now Anti-BB (Officially)

    leonardo0110 ...

    The only thing I would have done differently is bring in Cortalnd Finnegan... that's it.  I'd love to see NE get a physical corner like that with guaranteed above average cover skills (He's been very consistent over the years).  So that is my 1 time that I'd go against BB, lol.  The other 999.. well I'm on board!
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    Re: Bedard Now Anti-BB (Officially)

    In response to DelGriffith's comment:

    "holy crap" is what I said when I read Bedard's premise and veiled, negative commentary. It's like he ends up complimenting BB's work, bashed his prior work when Dimitrioff and Pioli bailed in 2008 and 2009, and then makes comments about Kraft's dead money?

    Does Bedard know how jealous other fans are that BB just locked up Gronk and HErn, has Brady through 2014 before the cap spikes (so he can pay Brady on a lucrative short term deal or deal him away, etc? 

    Every team has dead money from year to year.  There is no way on earth I am faulting a GM who crosses every T and dots every I to make that one last decision on the roster the betterment of the team.

    Just take a look at what they're doing this week. Do you see the Jets having people come in for workouts so they are up to date with their scoutin portfolios? No, you don't. 

    Do you see WRs publicly clamoring to play in NY with the Jets or really any other team? No, you don't.

    Bedard should be writing a completely different column and he isn't.  Pathetic.

    NE sits in the #2 slot in the latest ESPN power rankins AHEAD of the Giants who beat them in the SB, yet NE is somehow not managed that well with Bedard thinking he knows better than BB. 


    I also heard those two talking about Bedard's article and they both said he's not on BB's Christmas card list anymore but he's now on theirs. Anyone who has something negative to say about BB they love. What the media pukes fail to realize is that BB and his staff were busy signing 2nd tier free agents this year while all the other 31 teams were signing the high priced free agents. Every team had 90 players at the start of training camp. Each team ended up with dead money once they cut down to 53. Until they show all the dead money for all the teams they have nothing to base this on. Was there any mention that the Colts had $38 million of dead money to start the season? Teams with high amounts of dead money are the teams with cap issues. The Patriots haven't had cap issues for years.

    Besides do you hear Mr Kraft complaining about how BB runs this team? It really doesn't matter what everyone else says or thinks. Mr Kraft knows what he has and is extremely happy to have BB running his team. He has openly said he wouldn't want anyone else.
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    Re: Bedard Now Anti-BB (Officially)

    Hmm.  Seems to me Bedard was quoted here with regularity when he shared the same opinion.  Now that he has said something disagreeable he's discredited.

    Funny how that works.