Yes, they played conservative in the game. Running the ball instead of trying to score before the half. Not really coming up with anything that creative or different than they normally play thinking that how they normally play can beat anyone. (It can - but not against an evenly matched team that has prepared twice as well) 

But that's not what I'm talking about. 

When the decided to lose the last 2 games of the season to play it safe and conservative and "focus on the Super Bowl", I think that conservative attitude is what cost them. It was clear in their game plan. Play how we normally play, do it how we normally do it. 

It was mentioned in the game that the NO head coach actually had several plans schemes/ looks that would come out in different quarters. They outsmarted Colts plain and simple. The game ending route jumping interception was no fluke. I don't think during the regular season you necessarily jump that route and risk getting burned but taking chances is what won the game. They planned to take calculated chances through the game at certain times. The Colts took no chances, that is why they lost. And that started with their willingness to forget about going undefeated.