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     I'm sure there will be lots of negative feedback from the Patriot faithful but I must say ... I'm so sick and tired of Coach Belichek and his sour demeanor, his dismissive attitude towards the press, the Patriot players, opposing coaches, and the Patriot fan base. He gutted the heart of the team this year, defensively, continues to make extremely questionable calls during the games, and has turned the hopes of a possibly good season into a down-the-road disaster just waiting to happen. The Patriots are going nowhere this year and Belichek is leading them there. 
     Did anyone note, at the end of the Colts game, how Belichek's bodyguard dismissively threw an Indianapolis camera man to the ground as Belichek was sneaking off the field? Did anyone note the two wasted time-outs that he used on that critical non-drive that resulted in that  brainless decision to go for the first down on 4th and 2 from their own 28 yard line? Did anyone note how Belichek went into a prevent defense that allowed Manning to quickly move his team downfield for an easy score just prior to the non-drive?
     Two former Patriot players crucified Belichek in post-game interviews following the loss to the Colts. One stated that "my blood would be boiling after that loss if I were a defensive player on that team." The handwriting was on the wall and following a win at home against a terrible Jets team the impact of the loss to the Colts hit them big time last night against a far far superior team.
     Bill Belichek and his angry, dismissive,negative demeanor is ruining the Patriot organization and I can no longer stay aboard this sinking ship ... go Vince Young and Jeff Fischer and the Tennessee Titans.  Now there's a class act!! 
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    Yes-Yes-Yes.  I am more upset about his failure to upgrade talent and depth on the defense and finding a consistent/solid runner who can take some pressure off Brady in the 2nd half.