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    Re: Belichick

    10 have never won a SB and 4 never been to it the Texans, Browns,  Lions & Jags.

    having a team that has a chance every year because of their coach and his philosophy is good enough for me.

    how many teams come in as favorites to win the SB many years like the Pats have. There have been several times theJets and Fins were favored to win the AFCE and the Pats ended up not only the champ but going to the Conf game.

    As for his personality I have never heard a player bad mouth him even after they retired. The only ones that do not like him never played for him. The media he treats them like they should be. They will do anything to create a story so he doesn't give them anything to write. So then they write about his personality at least the ones outside of Boston.