***Belichick's Eventual Successor***

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    Re: ***Belichick's Eventual Successor***

    In response to Philskiw1's comment:

    Urban Meyer.   By the time bb goes he will have cemented his legacy at the Ohio state university    The vrabel connection and Saban won't leave his gig. Meyer hasn't gone to the NFL yet has he?   He sure walks on water in Columbus already. 


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    Meyer is an option if BB retires soon rather then later. Meyer is 48 right now, I believe he'll be 49 before the season starts. So if Z is right and BB doesn't retire until closer to the decade side then Meyer is going to be getting close to 60 which would be pushing it to hire as a coach. Depending on when BB is looking to retire it's more likely we are looking at a coach in the 25-45 age range right now.

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    Re: ***Belichick's Eventual Successor***

    I don't think BB acts as the HC for another 10-12 years. I do think he stays on in that role for about 1-2 years after Brady's departure to smooth things out. I do agree with all that he will most likely take some type of a consultant/GM, etc position witht the pats when he finishes coaching.

    whethe moves on from coaching will determine in part who takes over. If it is in the timeframe I think, 5 years max, I could see McD, Kelly or Schiano possibly taking over. Not SteviE, not Urban nor Saban. My best guess its McD, and Stevie becomes asst HC, defensive coordinator. pay close attention to how/if Stevie moves up and around over the next few years. I wouldn't be surprised if he begins taking over ST, maybe secondary coach, then up to DC when daddy leaves. 

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    Re: ***Belichick's Eventual Successor***

    Steve B is a fantasy, he is untested. McD has a poor history of player relations. However, I do agree BB is not going anywhere for a long time....  at that point, Why not, Rusty, ZB or Prolate?


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    Re: ***Belichick's Eventual Successor***

    For those posters that really think BB is sticking around for another ten years, let's remember that BB has said himself a couple times at least "I'm not sticking around like a Marv Levy" (i.e. to 70 years old).

    Sure he could change his mind, but an NFL head coaching job, particularly when you are as dedicated as BB, is not an easy job and is very demanding.  It doesn't get any easier as you age.  I really think we have him for 2/3 years max as HC.