they say that sometimes a person has to hit 'rock bottom' to begin rising up again so to speak. well, i have to believe that with the BIG loses the Pats suffered in denver back in 2005, in Indy in 2006, the SB in 2007, losing brady after only a few minutes of play in 2008, and then this season`s first "mini-super bowl' last week at Indy, about which too much has now been said, i would assume that belichick doesn`t quite believe all the press clippings anymore about what a genius he is. he`s mortal, he`s human, and he`s proven that he isn`t perfect. so now he begins right about where he was when tom brady got drafted in the first place, and tedy bruschi, willie mcginest and ty law were still young. and just where exactly is that?  REALITY. he`s just another coach that HAS to prove himself, instead of being somehow entitled, or EXPECTED to winning another SB each and every year. if i could read his mind, i doubt he even believes that  he`s on his way to the HOF, somewhere next to vince lombardi. i bet he feels like he did after he took over for bill parcells, and with nothing to brag about and everything to prove.  this time however, everyone knows differently...there are those 3 SB rings, but i bet not to Bill... i bet in his mind they are gone, gone, gone, and gone forever. i bet he said something like this to a loved one this week...."you know dear, i never really believed all of the adulation about me anyway, but now i`ll be damned if i will even allow myself to listen to any of it anymore". maybe it`s just wishful thinking on my part...but i sense something re-freshing about to begin here in NE. bill belichick, part 2.