Bengals @ Patriots REPORT CARD

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    Re: Bengals @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    Didn't get to see the game but I saw some highlights.  Tate's kickoff return was nice.  Special teams have become something in NE. 

    By the sounds the secondary is what I expected it to be, a work in progress.  Some good moments, some not so good. 

    If the no huddle gave this defense fits wait until they play Indy.  Hope they can fix that.  But it's a young defense and they have to be happy with the overall performance against a very respectable Cincinnati team.
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    Re: Bengals @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    Good stuff TexPat.

    I actually thought the OLBs looked great today. Tully has always been stout against the run and today was no different.

    Also Jerod Mayo at times today lined up outside while Guyton dropped back, and Spikes blitzed up the middle. 
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    Re: Bengals @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    Give Gronk an A++++++  This guy is going to make a huge difference between wins and loses for the Pats this season!
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    Re: Bengals @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    I really liked what I saw out of this team.  I think we all know that with the youth on this team there will be growing pains but they appear to be alot closer to full grown than I expected. 

    As I was watching the game I couldn't help but think: Wow, these guys are still developing, these young guys are under contract and will be together for several more years and the Pats have 4 picks in the first two rounds next year.  I feel like I'm watching the deveopment of a really great team.

    Agree with your grades Tex, but I will nitpick a couple things.  You can say Brady's pass's to Fauk weren't perfect, and if this was backyard football I would agree but in the NFL, if a ball hits you in the hands than it is catchable.  Not saying we should throw him away or anything but call a spade a spade.  I think it's probably just some game one rust. 

    Your quote of Moss was not really a quote it was more of a paraphrase.  He said some fans and media people don't want to see him succeed.  I've been on this board long enough to know that that is true.  Some people hate Moss no matter what he does and I don't really know why.  Maybe because he's not the loveable underdog Welker, with a physical build not too different from us guys at home.  Moss is great and he should be because he is a physical specimen that with athletic gifts that few of us can fathom or relate to.  Anyway, his quotes in context are really quite benign and are criticism of the media mostly. 

    Moss really needs to get over it because as a public figure he will get criticized and he is not helping himself by trying to talk.  Much like telling your wife whe looks fat in a dress, just because something is true doesn't mean you have to say it.

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    Re: Bengals @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    If I had to single out one trait for the offense and one for the defense that were each remarkable I would offer the following:

    Offense - diversity; the Pats have some serious offensive weapons and certainly appear to know how to use them. (Brady appears to be back to his old amazing self)

    Defense - engergy; the whole unit was very active and did an amazing job on a very tough Cincy offensive unit.  Third quarter was not their best work but overall they performed quite well.

    My 2 cents.

    P.S. Nice job, Tex.
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    Re: Bengals @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    I was at the game and the DBs were much better than the C grade given by TexasPat. After they went up 31-3 the Pats Dbs played more of a prevent defense than they had before. Obviously a coaching decision and not the embarrassment of poor play. Just like the Celts and Bill Russell used to do to Wilt Chaimberlain. Wilt would get his points but not till after the Celts had already won the game. The secondary may have it's growing pains this year but not this game.

    The same thing goes for the rest of the defense. After getting up by 28 points, they played to slow down the Bengals instead of trying to stop them. Again a coaching decision and not poor play. Overall the Pats D dominated both halves, dictating the play of the Begals O.
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    Re: Bengals @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    OK, im going to go back to the TIVO and check something out.  We started playing second string often in the second half, and I'm going to have to check when.  I know when we were leaky, I saw Pryor, Brace, Sanders and Nink in there often, I think (I've said this on other threads, but I can't stop now) we were up by so much Bill was getting people playing time, and using different coverage and soft zones to see who can do what and protect starters a bit.  Maybe I'm hoping its true, but it is what I saw, or thought I saw.
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    Re: Bengals @ Patriots REPORT CARD


    I thought the offense was pretty good overall yesterday but was a bit disappointed that the Pats started going away from using Taylor and the TEs to move the ball in favor of continual 60 yard bombs to Moss and 3 yard passes to Welker.  This is what got them into trouble last year.  The Pats have to consistently and creatively use all of their weapons to sustain drives, score TDs and minimize the amount of time the Defense is on the field.

    The defense looked energized and all over the field in the first half but then seem to drift into a passive posture in the second half.  We have to find a pass rush somehow this year.  There is no way that a 31-3 lead should have been cut down to 31-17 in such a short amount of time.  It appeared for  awhile that the Pats were getting ready to hand the game over to the Bengals. 

    Overall, a good first win but the defense has got to improve if we are to win the close games.

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    Re: Bengals @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    The Secondary deserved a bit better they had some great coverages when it was a game - esp McCourty. Cinci got most of their yards on designed soft coverage when they had a big lead, and that Hail Mary jump ball at the half.

    I'd knick STs a bit (Mesko in partictular) on the 1st missed FG and Zoltan's punt took a very fortunate roll. The returns were great, coverage very good, and I can't fault a 56 yard FG miss.
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    Re: Bengals @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    I tend to think of TexasPat as a really hard grader, a real math professor quick to give goose eggs.  This time I think he was pretty fair.  My numbers showed Cincinnati to be a moderately lowlife team this year despite their record last year, so beating them wouldn't have been too hard.  The Pats responded by cruising to a 31-3 lead, and then they naturally sat back and played prevent. The End.
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    Re: Bengals @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    In Response to Re: Bengals @ Patriots REPORT CARD:
    I was at the game and the DBs were much better than the C grade given by TexasPat. After they went up 31-3 the Pats Dbs played more of a prevent defense than they had before. Obviously a coaching decision and not the embarrassment of poor play. 
    Posted by rtuinila

    I was at the game too and I saw the same thing.  The corners started playing back in the second half (plus the Pats went to nickel and dime packages).  With a four touchdown lead, BB was just trying to prevent a big play.  He was willing to let the Bengals move the ball as long as they did so relatively slowly so they were eating clock.  This is a standard practice for BB when the Pats get big leads.  He doesn't mind if the opposing offense can move the ball--as long as they do it slowly so they run out of time to make a come back.  That's what was going on in the second half.  
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    Re: Bengals @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    As far as the pass rush goes, I did notice that BB put Cunningham in there a lot in the second half.  He was charging from a four-point stance on a bunch of plays.  I'm not totally sure what his responsibilities were, but he seemed to be locked up with the offensive tackle on most plays and not shedding the blocks. If his duty was just to hold the edge, then maybe his play was okay (I'm not an expert on D-Line play).  But if he was supposed to get off his blocks and get to the QB or the RB, he wasn't doing that.  Will be interesting to watch him as he gets some more playing time.  
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    Re: Bengals @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    i think gronk deserves more praise than just taking over the vrable role. he was out there blocking and opening holes all day. his block sprung welker on his first td. this guy is changing our offense with his physical play and as the season goes on he will see more and more passes.

    In Response to Bengals @ Patriots REPORT CARD:
        I'm delighted to say that today, the Patriots surprised me and may others, by dominating the defending AFC North champion Cincinnati Bengals, 38-24. It was a great start to the 2010 season...and provides grounds for optimism. But, a stiffer test awaits them next week, when they travel to New York to face the highly touted, loud-mouth Jets. Here are my grades: A.) OFFENSE:  This unit appeared to be in mid-season form, as its' play allowed the Patriots to jump out to a 17-0 lead...which expanded to 31-3 early in the 3rd quarter. After a Bengals' comeback sliced the lead to 31-17, a 14 play, 81 yard TD drive, which ate up 7:41 of the final 15 minutes of play, put the game on ice.      1.) QB: Tom Brady showed today why he is worthy of the huge, 4 year contract extension, that he received only days ago. The Terrific One completed 25 of just 35 passing attempts for 258 yards, and three TDs. The guy doesn't just perform, he leads.    GRADE: A;        2.) RBs : The RB by committee approach was in vogue again today, and produced fine results. Fred Taylor led the way with 71 yards on just 14 carries. Kevin Faulk chipped in with 3 carries for 23 yards, along with 4 receptions for 47 yards...including a beautiful 21 yard sideline reception on a drive sustaining 3rd down play, which set up a TD. As for what appeared to be an earlier drive killing drop by Faulk, a closer look at the play indicates that the Brady pass was thrown slightly behind him. Ben Jarvis Green-Ellis contributed 22 yards more, on 5 carries. GRADE: A-;        3.) OL: Mankins, Smankins!!! Minus Mankins, the remaining Big Uglies did an outstanding job of protecting Brady, and, overall, a good job opening up running room for the backs. When will the seemingly immature Logan grow up and realize that pride goeth before the fall...and that this foolish holdout of his is accomplishing nothing, except perhaps to ruin his career. GRADE: A;      4.) TEs and WRs: The trio of Alge Crumpler, Rob Gronkowski, and Aaron Hernandez each contributed to the win in different ways. Crumpler mainly with his blocking, while Gronk took over the "Mike Vrabel" role, hauling in a one yard TD pass, which concluded the aforementioned game icing drive. Hernandez chipped in with a 45 yard catch and run reception...which could be a harbinger of bigger and better things, for both he and the team. As for the WRs, Wes Welker continued down the road of a miraculous recovery from his knee injury, with 8 catches for 65 yards, including two TD receptions. Despite his post-game, Manny Ramirez-like claim that "Pats fans don't want to see him do good", Randy Moss did good, hauling in 5 passes for 59 yards...while Brandon Tate added 4 catches for 36 yards. GRADE: A B.) DEFENSE: Following an impressive first half, the "D" seemed to have problems with the Cincinnati no huddle offense...and allowed the Bengals to whittle a 31-3 lead down to 31-17, before the offense put the game out of reach with their  4th quarter, 81 yard TD drive .      1.) DL: Good job early in controlling the line of scrimmage, and freeing up the LBs to make plays. But, on passing plays, the DL was able to mount little pressure on Carson Palmer.  GRADE: B       2.) LBs: Good job by the ILBs in shutting down the run, and in coverage, in the first half. There were difficulties in coverage by both the LBs and secondary in the second half. Jarod Mayo led the LBs with 12 tackles, 8 of them solos. Outstanding play by Gary Guyton in picking off a Palmer pass in the closing minutes of the first half, and returning it 59 yards for a TD. Some solid plays by Rob Ninkovich, including a fumble recovery. But, the OLB failed to apply pressure on Carson Palmer in the second half, when he was passing on practically every play: GRADE: B+;       3.) SECONDARY : After a fine first half, there were plenty of errors in the second stanza. Darius Butler in particular seemed to have his difficulties...and the secondary was embarrassed by Chad Ochocinco's 12 receptions for 159 yards. That said, rookie Devin McCourty continued to show promise. Though I question the abilities of the Patriot safeties in coverage, they all appear to hit hard and tackle well...led by Patrick Chung, who led the team in tackles with 16 (12 solos). The potential for fine play is there. But, right now, this group is still a work in progress: GRADE: C C.) SPECIAL TEAMS: Good kick coverage...and, of course, there was the brilliant 97 yard kickoff return by Brandon Tate, for what turned out to be the game winning tally. Any time a TD can be scored by special teams is a huge plus. Kicker Stephen Gostkowski appears to still be having some trouble getting used to his new holder. He has not been as consistent one would like to see in an NFL kicker thus far: GRADE: A D.) COACHING : Another outstanding job by BB and his staff. Great job of mixing defenses in the first it appeared to befuddle Carson Palmer, and the Cincinnati brain-thrust. As stated above, the offense appeared to be in mid-season form. The kick coverage and kick return teams were great. The young secondary still needs work, but has the talent to improve. OLB and DE remain a serious concern: GRADE: A+ E.) Play of the Game:  Hard to pick just one...but I'll go with   Gary Guyton's 59 yard pick-6; F.) Player of the Game:  Tom Brady.      Here are the game stats:      Thoughts?                     
    Posted by TexasPat3

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    Re: Bengals @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    Not much to comment about on the offense.  They played how most of us expected them to, and it was especially good to see Welker back and contributing in a major way.  I will say that the TE play is promising, the O line held their own, and the running game was effective.  Faulk is ageless. 

    The defense?  They played better than I expected. 

    D-backs: Chung looks like a new man, dare I say Rodney-esque?.  McCourty looks like he will be a good CB, I like what I saw.  He went at TO and came up against the run a few times with strong tackles.  I think teams are gonna take their shots moreso at Butler, and even though CO had a very good game Butler showed some flashes.  On at least 3 occasions CO got to balls that Palmer just threw up there after being flushed from the pocket, and even the best CB cannot hold coverage forever. 

    LBs/DL:  I like the ILB rotation, two thumpers (Mayo, Spikes) and an athletic guy (Guyton) makes for a good mix.  At OLB, I thought there were times when everyone struggles to hold the edge, and that Chung made some good plays in run support so it wasn't as noticeable.  It was nice to see Cunningham playing, even though I didn't notice if he did anything of note.  Ninkovich and Murrell got to play, and I didn't see much from either, not sure if one really seizes the position and grows into it.   There was some pass rush, did anyone count how many times Palmer was hit or hurried?  I think I'd attribute the hurries to guys like Mike Wright, who seemed to be chasing Palmer all day.   

    Overall, a good win.  Young players helped win the game (Guyton, Tate) while other younger guys struggled a bit (Butler).  I liked what I saw though.     
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    Re: Bengals @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    Good review Tex....

    I think the second half could really be attributed to more soft play than anything else.  Look how strong the D played in the first half keeping the Bengals to 3 points.  If the game were closer, would the first half play continued in the second half?  Also, if the Guyton INT were not returned for the TD and the Tate KO return did not end in the endzone, would it be safe to say the Pats O would have chewed up much more clock and, possibly, scored the TDs on its own?  As you pointed out, that 14 play, 7+ minute drive to end the 3rd quarter proved just that!  Now onto the loudmouths!! 
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    Re: Bengals @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    very impressed with the oline especially with all adversity this offseason and in training're right TP Mankins Smankins send Logan to Logan byebye

    nice job
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    Re: Bengals @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    Good review TPat, but the DBs were much better than the C Grade given. I can't penalize a prevent D for an entire half.  Sorry.

    McCourty was outstanding for his first start against both future HOF WRs.

    Wilhite actually looked good in the slot and shut down a pretty good rookie in Shipley.

    Butler have up that one TD and was beaten, but so what?  That's Chad Jackson.  At least it isn't Tedd Ginn.
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    Re: Bengals @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    Thanks Tex - agree with your assessments.

    Love our new D - they look FAST !

    A little concerned about the 2nd half - did Cinci ever punt in that period? But, that is probably due to the softer D due to the lead we had.

    I was one of the guys that did not like the McCourty pick - got to say he is an incredibly pleasant surprise - thanks BB.
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    Re: Bengals @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    if you look at the context of the 3rd quarter, as hard right pointed out so well yesterday, the D was in prevent and still made plays.  The Merriweather INT incorrectly called was a joke.

    The replay clearly showed he had possession, was on the ground and Shipley made contact with him trying to get the ball, which means he is down by contact with possession.

    Just so there is no stupid "homer" or "Kool Aid" commentary, Nantz and Simms agreed, and the replay showed it.

    That is another example of another great play by the D.  Mayo almost had a couple picks, as did Spikes.

    This reminds me of the Saints preseason game where people's main complaint was Butler's illegal contact penalty acting like it was disastrous in terms of analyzing how they played, overall.

    If they had continued scheming and calling different plays to combat their passing game, I'd agree with the 3rd quarter yardage totals, but there is no point when everyone saw it was a prevent D.

    This was like flipping out when the Rams attacked a soft NE zone in preseason Week 3 while BB was tryin g to see what he had in zone, over and over and over.

    It's pretty easy to call a game as an Off Coordinator when you constantly see a D in the same D on ever snap.
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    Re: Bengals @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    The secondary could've been much better if Meriweather had played all the snapd. Sanders is too slow to play deep FS. By the time Sanders got over to help Butler on the Ochocinco TD Chad was already heading to the sideline. 

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    Re: Bengals @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    I wonder why fans think that guys like Ochocinco aren't going to make some plays?  Do we really expect any defensive back field to make the play on every ball that is thrown?  Carson Palmer is not the overrated Sanchize, he's the real deal and he's going to make his connections.  I thought that overall the PATS secondary did a creditable job and I think it will get better overall but there will be growing pains along the way.  I thought McCourtry's defense on a possible TD thrown to the right side of the end zone was a great play.  Chung!  Yes, much better from him.  I am heartened but we won't really have a good picture until at least five games have been played, at home and away.

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