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Benny watch, week 3

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    Re: Benny watch, week 3

    In response to BabeParilli's comment:

    In response to TrueChamp's comment:

    Benny had 19 carries for 91 yads and a 5.1 average against Baltimore.


    Ridley and Woodhead had 28 carries 68 yds and a 2.4 average vs Baltimore.


    Benny is averaging the 18 carries a game we asked for a lead back to have in Obrien's offense and his QB is the 4rth highest rated QB in the league with a 105 rating, 860 yards and 6 tds...which is higher then Brady, Rodgers, Brees, the Manning brothers, Rivers, Shaub, Flacco and all the other "elite QB's"


    Benny's 18 carries for poor yardage this past sunday helped open up the passing game for another 300 yard 3 td performance by his QB. An even though Ridley and Woody were not very effective their 28 carries helped open up a 300 yard 1 td game for Brady with 2 more rushing tds, which is one of Brady's best games vs Baltimore in the last few years.


    At the same time I blame McD for trying to pound Woodhead when the game was on the line. He killed more then 1 drive imo. Wish we had  Ridley in there......or Benny for that matter.


    It's astonishing how ineffective running is still a good thing in your view because it will "open up the passing game". So Brady's good game is due to the bad running, right?


    I guess by that kind of reasoning Brady passing badly should open up the running game, right?

    Wait, so you don't think the run opens up the pass? GASP, you must think you know more then BB, and pretty much every other coach in football history.

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