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Best DL in football?

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    Best DL in football?

    With a starting DL of Haynesworth, Vince and a fully recovered Ty Warren and with Wright, Brace, Pryor, Richards, and Love as backups things look pretty good!  As a matter of fact I do not think there will be a better starting three on the DL than those three. I also think they'll try Moore and Murrell as outside linebackers before they are cut or traded.
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    Re: Best DL in football?

    I second TP

    IF Haynesworth is in shape and IF he puts his head into the game a line of Warren, Wilfork, Haynesworth is a massive line.

    Imagine if we get Roth and put him opposite Cunningham behind this line? That would be one of the best front 7 in football