Best of the Decade arguments...

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    Best of the Decade arguments...

    When it comes to the NFL the arguments are going to be strong and all over the place.  Depending on the twist you put on the question, your answer can vary greatly.  We've seen a few already here.  Right now, the 2009 NFL season isn't over, but, the "best of" may not come out of this year's batch of teams.  Here is what the talking heads are discussing:

    Best Single season TEAM in this decade - 2007 Pats hands down?  ( One fluke play made the difference between 19 - 0 and 18 - 1.  Would the Colts, if they finish 19 - 0 make them the BEST team just because of the W-L record?  If you say yes, then why not the Giants of '07 since they beat the Pats in '07? )

    Best SB Winning team - '03 or '04 Pats?

    Best Franchise - Patriots (Does ONE great season by the Colts this year overcome ALL their shortcomings this decade in the playoffs?)

    Best QB - Manning (stats) ; Brady - (rings & you can only imagine if he didn't get hurt in '08!)

    Best D - '00 Ravens, hands down

    Best O - '07 Pats - no debate

    Lots of "best of" to debate and let them begin!

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    Re: Best of the Decade arguments...

    Team of the decade period is the Pats! Enough said.

    Go Pats!