Best Off-Season Moves

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    Re: Best Off-Season Moves

    [QUOTE]1.) Bengals Sign Laveranues Coles: Houshmanzadeh is a far superior receiver to Coles. In terms of talent as a receiver, Houshmanzadeh is better. Coles might be better as a complement to Johnson although I would rather have TJ and Coles and trade Johnson.

    RESPONSE: I tend to agree.

    2.) Cleveland Browns Keep Quinn:  They didn't have a choice really with this one. They botched their QB situation last year by not trading Anderson when he had value. Quinn will be going into the season as the clear #1 like he should have last year. Right now, his value is at the lowest of his career, but he'll likely do well with the Browns this season and he'll be worth a lot more this time next season. Of course, the Browns didn't really have a choice when it came to Quinn.

    RESPONSE: I agree about Anderson. I disagree about the Browns having "no choice" but to keep Quinn. I've read that the Browns turned down two "substantial offers" for Quinn...each involving a #1 draft pick, plus. 

    3.) Tennessee Titans Let Albert Haynesworth Leave: There again was not much choice to this one, too. He signed with the Redskins for far too much. They probably made a mistake by not putting themselves in a position to extend him earlier or franchising. It should never have gotten to the point where Haynesworth was able to leave the team. The Titans are in major trouble going into next season without their one dominating player.

    RESPONSE:  As was the case with the Pats and Asante Samuel, the team should have moved to extend Haynesworth a year earlier. I agree that the Titans' defense will not be the same without him...and thats' good for the Pats, who owned the Titans' 2010  second round pick. 

    4.) KC Chiefs Land Cassel:  This was a great move for the Chiefs, a potential franchise QB for a second round pick. I'm not surprised that he hasn't signed an extension yet. It's only May, plenty of time, but it was never clear whether it was Pioli's intention to sign Cassel. Wouldn't it be better to see how he does in KC before he signs an extension? If he performs well, he gets the huge contract that he wants. If he doesn't do well, KC has saved itself from a long term bad contract.

    RESPONSE: True...but Cassel will once again be an unrestricted free agent in 2010. Even if he  falls on his face in KC, its' likely that the Denver Broncos will make a strong play for him.

    5.) Dallas Cowboys Dump TO:  6.) Buffalo Bills Sign TO:  The Cowboys definitely needed to drop TO. He was killing their team unity. How long will he last in Buffalo? When will he start becoming a problem there? Can Edwards get him and Evans the ball enough to make them satisfied? If the Bills want to win now, this is probably a good addition. Since they won't, it's likely a mistake.

    RESPONSE: TO is being used as a scape goat by the media and Cowboy fans. He was not "killing their team". Jerry Jones was, and is. 

    7.) Chicago Bears Trade for Jay Cutler:  The Bears have the same problem as before, nobody to throw the ball to. On the other hand, it says something when a teams fans are happy to give up first round picks because they don't trust their management to add effective players with the picks.

    RESPONSE: The fact that both the national media and Bears' fans think this way speaks volumes about them. Cutler is no Brady. He won't be able to win big with a bunch of 2nd rate WRs. 

    8.) Atlanta Falcons Trade For Tony Gonzalez: Gonzalez, nice short term option for the Falcons.

    RESPONSE: Still think that a 2010 2nd rounder was too high a price.

    9.) Kurt Warner Stays in Arizona: A wise move for both Warner, and the Cardinals.

    RESPONSE: Agreed.

    10.) NY Giants Cut Plaxico Burress: Who has better players to throw to now? Eli or Jay?

    RESPONSE: Eli...who will also be helped by a better OL, and running game.

    Posted by KyleCleric2[/QUOTE]

         Notice that Florio didn't include the Jets acquisition of QB Mark Sanchez.
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    Re: Best Off-Season Moves

    TexasPat,KyleCleric,all of you guys have made valid points as to which team has made the best moves ranging from trading of draft choices to Free Agent signings,I'm here to tell you that no team in the NFL had a better offseason or made better moves than the New England Patriots,they entered the offseason with needs in several areas and they filled each one of those needs with due dilligence and with players of varying levels of skill.First they upgraded the running back position by signing a premier RB in the person of Fred Taylor,then they shored up the weakness at TE by signing Chris Baker,before they got to the draft they needed to shed some high cap guys so they traded Cassel and Vrabel to KC for a draft pick in round 2 saving them 18mil in cap space.Realizing that they might need additional help at WR they traded for Greg Lewis and signed Joey "The fastest 37 yr old on the planet"Galloway,also they saw that they were short a long snapper they signed the LS who was the best in the NFL last year in Nathan Hodel,their offensive line was a touch on the thin side so they signed Al Johnson at the same time they added old friend TBC to come back and play OLB/DE in the mean time they also added 2 pro bowl calibre DB's in Shawn Springs and Leigh Bodden by the time the draft happened they had eliminated the need to draft a player need, allowing them to draft the best available player regardless of position and they went into this draft with 11 picks including compensatory picks,they came out of the draft having drafted 12 players and had an additional 3 picks added for next years draft 2 second round picks and a 5th round pick,they took the 5th round pick and traded it for a quality blocking TE in the person of Alex Smith all the while adding a piece here and there from the class of UDFA's which they brought in 8 players some of whom will have a good chance of playing for the Patriots and others who will play in the NFL for other teams or end up on the Patriots practice squad,but just when you would think the Patriots were done dealing they were'nt, they still seamed to think that adding more pieces were tatamount,so they added a couple of free agents that were still out there and who were considered very good pick ups by the knowledgable football community,they added the former starting SS McGowan of the Bears an exceptional Special Teams/ILB In Vinny Cuirciru and just 2 days ago they added the starting middle linebacker and leading tackler of the Detroit Lions,over the offseason the Patriots added so many players that my own mind couldn't keep up with the transaction page of the newspapers.There are only 53 spots on any NFL roster and the best addition to this roster might have been the addition of Tom Brady back to the active roster.This team is loaded for bear.Name a team you think was this active and who you think did a better job in the offseason and we can debate the merits of that team vs.what BB and the Patriots did in the offseason and I'm willing to say that even you will agree that the Patriots offseason was phenominal.