Best RB in NFL History

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    Re: Best RB in NFL History

    Has to be Barry Sanders, he left defenders picking up their shoes off the turf. My favorite is Dickerson, because of his fluid style, but Barry could make people miss like no one's business.
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    Re: Best RB in NFL History

    Never had the pleasure of seeing Jim Brown.  Barry had the moves and no one could slash like OJ (just ask Nicole) but for my money there is no one I enjoyed watching more than Earl Campbell.  Linebackers trembled in fear with good reason when Houston lined up in the I with earl as the feature back.
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    Re: Best RB in NFL History

    Gale Sayers. 

    I feel fortunate. I'll be 55 next year. I've seen every Super Bowl. I watched the Green Bay/Dallas Championship game where Bart Starr won the game on the sneak. I've watched Jim Brown. Leroy Kelley (I loved the Browns back then) Paul Horning, you name them. I was a football junkie from day one. To me, Gale had everything, except the right team. Amazing that the lowly Bears back then had Butkis and Sayers. Barry Sanders is just amazing too. But, for sheer speed and moves, Gale had it all. I cried the day he got hurt. I loved watching John Riggins rumble and miss that type of running. Great back. Gale and Barry were on bad teams and you wonder what could have been. Consider the gear they wore then. No astro turf. Mud ruled and it seems every game played at Cleveland was a mud bowl. Man, I miss those golden years of the NFL.