Let's be serious about what the NFL, the fan base, casual fans and America really desires, we want an action film with heroes and villains and excitement.  We don't want a contrived, boring love story where shallow characters bore the audience to an early bedtime.

There is only one Super Bowl that can provide the hype WE all want.  The Revenge of evil Belichick against that most evil doer - Brett Favre - who year in and year out has screwed the Patriots with his wins and LOSSES.  Super Bowl 31, Jets Packers 2002, Jets Dolphins 2008 and even Packers Giants NFC Championship game 2007 probably screwed us, but we didn't know at the time.  He even screwed his own fan base. What excitement! Who won't watch?

America truly despises the Manning family - guilty of Ennui, It's time "The Waltons" of the NFL said good night and were cancelled. Who would watch this tired old, boring love story?  A few rednecks in Louisiana and some hicks near French Lick.