Big Al healthy + Andre Carter =?

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    Re: Big Al healthy + Andre Carter =?

    Let me go ahead and give the big fella Big Al some props. For the first time this year he played a decent amount of snaps and had some significant impact. I wont say it was all great, but definately moving in the right direction.

    Early on it didnt look well as this Costa guy had something to prove and was handling Big Al early on from his right guard spot and he was singled.  there were a couple plays early on in the 1st quarter where Wilfork was doubled and Haynesworth was single blocked out the play by Costa and I thought "here we go again"

    But after a few more snaps he started to get comfortable. 2 things I saw, one was when he flattened down the line to assist in a tackle on the running back showing some hustle. The other was a play when he was triple teamed and allowed someone else to get a sack.

    These 2 things were encouraging and I like the fact he was able to play more snaps this week.

    I do have to call it fair though and say he is still hitting the ground a lot, and no every d-lineman doesnt do that. He seems to sometimes just shoot the gap and hope he is right but he sells out to the point that if he isnt diving into the RB like he did to Bush week 1, then he is just taking himself out the play. He ends up on the ground and not a factor.  That is something he needs to stop but I def. saw some impact and wanted to eat my crow, but I still think he displays some bad technique out there at times, but he is improving and thats all you can ask

    No surprise w/Carter,....I knew what he could do, just needed time.

    Defense is showing promise!!!!
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    Re: Big Al healthy + Andre Carter =?

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    Back to the equation...A Healthy Al + ACarter = good things. We saw it today, and I think this is a glimpse of what is possible from this defense should most be healthy and get time to play together. I really loved how BB used Spikes in this game. With Al, Vince, Love, etc. collapsing the pocket and requiring doubles, Spikes was allowed to run almost free up the gut and make plays. I can't think of a game in recent memory where I saw as much consistent pressure as yesterday. It seemed to let up at times because of the scheme, but BB dialed it up when it mattered and the kids executed for the most part.  I'm on the fence however with Guyton. For the lilfe of me, I don't know why Fletcher isn't seeinig more reps. Is he not ready to make the calls as this seems like Guyton's responsibility? Could Spikes pick this up?...Fletcher seems to almost always be in the right place and fundamentally very sound. I want to see some more Fletcher going forward and a little less Guyton.   
    Posted by PatsLifer

    BB couldn't use Spikes or Mayo this way last season because he was running a different front most of the time, and the talent wasn't there. 

    The four man front they have been using is buying protection in spots for these guys that simply wasn't there last year. 

    If this "D" can be this good going down the road, it will be the best unit they have fielded in years. 

    The fact that BB essentially overhauled the whole thing, top to bottom, including four new d-lineman, among a ton of other players and changed the basic defensive scheme is huge. 

    He saw the problem the defense had been having, and fixed it two different ways -- or tried to. Different techniques are being taught, and different players were brought in who could maximize those schemes. 

    If the "D" is this good, it will be enough to get NE over the playoff hump. The "D" will have to win at least one game there. 

    IF they go back to SB and win it ... we can end all the doubting BB's genius label threads as well. He is basically rewriting the book on this "D" to fix its weakness over the past few seasons ... and it looks like it's working well. 
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    Re: Big Al healthy + Andre Carter =?

    Warren and Ellis don't seem to have much to offer after this year. i'm very curious to see Brace line up at 43 dt, which seems like a better fit for him than either nose or end in 34, and is where he played at bc. if his ability seems to be comparable to Warren's, I'd go with Brace because of upside. either that or i'd try to trade him for sonething in the next few days if possible. Deadrick could be an upgrade over ellis right now, though prob lacks any 43 end ability. deadrick is a proven gamer with upside, and Brace had his monents playing out of position last year. hmm, lets see if theyve been working hard. if Brace hasnt been, cut em.
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    Re: Big Al healthy + Andre Carter =?

    Warren hasnt played much before now. We only have 2 lineman playing and a DE carter. We played 3-3-5 yesterday, and Warren was a key part of the rotation and played very well I thought.  I like the pressure package we use in the 3-3-5 and it allows us to keep our lineman fresh by only playing 2 at a time and bringin in Big Al and Warren to spell vince and love
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    Re: Big Al healthy + Andre Carter =?

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    when prior and wright went on IR both players were not replaced with DL'S... bill is using those spots to shuffle in lesser level players that can provide depth for what ever area needs it...that week... you can be sure that both deadrick and brace will give the team some good depth at the DL positions...not to mention they will be chomping at the bit and in good shape..
    Posted by jcour382

    My guess is we see faulk before deadrick or brace, unless we get another DL injury.  Brace and Deadrick will likely sit until week 9 or whatever.  The tough decision would be what happens then.