Big Mouth Joey At It Again

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    Re: Big Mouth Joey At It Again

    It all failed in the playoffs because of one guy......Rex Ryan. Whoops, sorry about that, fans.
    Posted by BostonBobBlowhard

    Tirade-Rex-Rant-a-soris, is going down!
    He will be defeated by a much smarter man.
    Sorry about that, non-fans!
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    Re: Big Mouth Joey At It Again

    I see Leon the bugboy has decided to stick with his new Bostonblowhard personae dor a while. I guess a name with blow in it makes sense given his Brady infatuation.
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    Re: Big Mouth Joey At It Again

    Take it from someone who lives in SD, Charger fans are as much of a joke as their team.  I have never seen a bigger bunch of band wagon fans in my life.  They should just move to L.A and get it over with.
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    Re: Big Mouth Joey At It Again

    I am just now reading about Ryan's comments and have not had a chance to read the entire transcript. Although he has to put his money where his mouth is in terms of performance, I don't see a problem with him not cowtowwing to NE and automatically ceding wins to them. The Jets have always given the Pats tough games so I expect nothing less this year.  As for Porter I could care less what he says as the Fins season last year was a fluke
    Posted by cousteau

    I have no problem with Ryan's comments.....he is right, the Jets shouldn't bow down to the Pats.  I just think that Ryan has been wanting to say this for a while to show his team that he is confident in them.....
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    Re: Big Mouth Joey At It Again real difference there. They are different sides of the same coin. Welcome to the club. Sorry to disappoint you, but there is a difference! This happens to be a Patriots message board. Now if I were to go to a Fins board and started cutting down Porter Pennington, and Brown, you would be calling me a troll! And you would be correct in doing so. The fact that we spend our time here and are loyal to our team doesn't make us " homers ", it makes us fans. But idiots like you who come here merely to talk smack are trolls . If you were a true " fan " you would be on a Miami board discussing how your team will do in 09. So, either you like being an ahole, or you are such a jerk your fellow Fins fans don't want you around on their boards! Get a life and GO AWAY!!!
    Posted by bubthegrub2

    Settle down bub..your jugular is about to burst.
    No one is going away. Use the ignore feature if you get so worked up.
    I could care less about your "rules" of the discussion boards.

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    Re: Big Mouth Pats fans At It Again

    These lame Pats are still angry over the Giants Super Bowl choke.  I suppose it would be very hard to accept the drop from "ALL Time UNDEFEATED" to "the team the Giants beat."   I wouldn't know.  The Dolphins did go undefeated.

    Anyway, these lame fans like to believe the Pats have always been competitive and kings of the AFC East.  From 1970 through 2001 here is who OWNED the AFC East.    

    Miami Dolphins: 13 first-place finishes
    New York Jets: 2 first-place finishes
    New England Patriots: 3 first-place finishes
    Buffalo Bills: 7 first-place finishes

    Let them enjoy the only decade that they have ever been dominant.  Soon Belicheat will ride off to a higher bidder and Brady will retire so Gisele can feed/drive/bathe/change him full time, and the Patsies will return to their cellar dwelling ways. 

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    Re: Big Mouth Joey At It Again

    No one acts like we have always been this good you tool. In fact the reason we are so die hard is unlike you we have had to wait for greatness. We waited 80+ years for teh Red Sox to give a championship and we waited a very long time for the Pats to get this good as well and thats why we will fight you all the way on these forums because we waited a long time to get this good. You just cant handle that the team you used to wipe teh floor with is now twice as good as your poor a ss fins. When you had Shula you were the beasts of the east no could win a championship but you owned the east no doubt and now that we have Belichick we are the owners of the east so deal with it. And by the way last time i checked we went 18- 0 and the Phins only went 14-0 so i am pretty sure we got you there but you can keep on trying to act like your team is still as good as they were 30 years ago.
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    Re: Big Mouth Joey At It Again

    Nice post.   I like that you do not let facts get in the way.  I mean really.. 18-0 is just the same as 18-1 and the Dolphins only won the AFC East in 2008 if your counting wins and losses, otherwise it was the Pats.

    I agree on one point.  The Red Sox rule! 

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    Re: Big Mouth Joey At It Again

    Talent wise Miami will be much better than last year. The problem is their schedule is very difficult. The problem with the Patriots is their defense. They didn't make any signifigant improvements on defense. They still don't have a dominant pass rusher than can take over games. Isn't this the same team that was all over Jason Taylor in the offseason? Miami has improved signifigantly on the defensive side of the ball. The Pats didn't..period. They were soft in the middle and still are..but older. Please people, Shawn Springs isn't the answer. Joey Galloway? Are you serious? If you actually think the Dolphins are going to just "roll over" you're kidding yourself..or stupid. As far as regaining "order" in the division,  Miami dominated it for years before Bellicheck decided he must cheat to win. That's not an opinion but fact. If you can't stop the other team you won't win when it counts. NE didn't win the games they had to make the playoffs. The Dolphins did. It's pretty clear cut. Tom Brady has a problem with dominant pass rushers. It's why the Dolphins have beat them more than any other team BEFORE last year. It's why they lost to NY in the superbowl. A physical team will always beat a finesse team which NE is ...and they didn't cheat to do it.