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Welker does come off like a little girl. ANd, I hate saying that because I have a lot of respect for what he accomplished here. 

It kind of reminds me of when Johnny Damon left. He didn't want to leave at all, but the money element with the ego joined forces and made the decision for him. Once he left, he was constantly talking about the SOx, even years later. He then claimed it was never about the money. Please. 

Welker spend 2 years trying to make it about him and money.  BB held firm and then said no at the end.

The fact is, if you have any kind of success in this town as an athlete and go somewhere else, even NY, it's just not as good.   We've seen countless athletes storm out of here in a tizzy after wanting their cake and eating it too. 

He loved playing here, he and Brady are almost married, and he wanted to stay here but I don't think he realizes now it's much less about he and Brady, and Welker wasn't able to accept that.

If he had taken the 5 million and stayed, his role still would have been reduced and there is no way I want to see that guy not making that key catch in January again here either. Kind of cruel, but it is what it is with him.  He had 6 years, 5 with Brady to get a ring, and he just really never made a difference against the better defenses in the postseason.

I mentioned that 2-3 years ago in a thread with guys like Mankins, too.  It wasn't just Brady underperforming. 

I suspect he'll fade in Denver and then he'll regret SB 46 for the rest of his life.


It is embarrassing how unappreciative so many Patriots' fans are regarding Welker. The Patriots never would have made it to two SBs without his production. I have little doubt that Welker will perform the role that Manning has planned for him exceptionally. Of course,  Welker will be more of a role player in Denver because they already have (2) 1000 yd. receivers - whereas he was the main man for Brady in NE.  Blame Belichick for not providing Brady more weapons than Welker and two TEs.


I love me some Wes Welker, but he needs to shutup and move on. Also he would have a ring or two if you know what I'm saying. :)