Bill Belichicks 10 greatest trades

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    Bill Belichicks 10 greatest trades


    Recent failures aside, few coaches have done a better job of reclaiming lost players the way Bill Belichick has during his career with the New England Patriots.


    And the only thing resting on whether Belichick can rehabilitate Aqib Talib, who had his share of disciplinary issues in four-plus seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is another Super Bowl title. While the Patriots won't get a chance to unveil Talib – described by one NFC executive as "a $10-$12 million-a-year talent" – for another week as he serves the remainder of an NFL-mandated suspension for using Adderall, the fact is that Belichick hasn't had a cornerback this physically gifted since Ty Law.

    CB Aqib Talib recorded 18 INTs in his career with the Buccaneers. (AP)That gives Belichick a chance to turn the deal for Talib – acquired for a fourth-rounder – into one of his greatest trades, which is no easy feat. During Belichick's 13 years with New England, he has pulled off some of the most lopsided deals in NFL history. While not all of his deals have worked (the 2011 trades for Albert Haynesworth and Chad Ochocinco were notable flops, even if they didn't cost much), the Talib deal has a chance to rank among his top five ever.

    Here's the list of Belichick's best trades for the Patriots:

    1. Acquiring Randy Moss for a fourth-round pick in 2007
    Belichick pulled off the first of two significant deals with Oakland's Al Davis when he picked up a future Hall of Famer for what effectively became journeyman defensive back John Bowie. Moss returned to his Hall form for the next three years before being dealt in 2010.

    2. Acquiring Wes Welker for a second- and a seventh-rounder in '07
    Belichick's 2007 offseason might be one of the most brilliant in NFL history when he rebuilt his receiving corps and changed the direction of his offense in two remarkably cheap moves. Belichick got Welker for picks that eventually turned into journeyman center Samson Satele and defensive end Abraham Wright.

    3. Shipping Drew Bledsoe for a first-rounder in '02
    The most remarkable part of this deal is not that the Patriots turned the pick into Ty Warren, who played seven seasons with the Pats; it's that they got so much for a guy who had just lost his job to Tom Brady. Then again, that's the price tag for a starting-caliber quarterback and Buffalo paid.

    4. Shipping Tebucky Jones for (eventually) Corey Dillon
    In another example of Belichick extracting value for a subpar player, he dealt Jones, a safety with limited cover skills, to New Orleans in '03 for a third- and a seventh-rounder in that year's draft and a fourth-rounder in '04. Belichick then dealt that third-round pick to Miami for a second in 2004. He then dealt the second to Cincinnati for Dillon, a guy who was the center of his offense for two years, including the Super Bowl XXXIX title season.

     5. Shipping Terry Glenn for a fourth-rounder in '02

    Glenn had a fine career and even had a bit of a renaissance after this deal. However, he wasn't a good soldier during the 2001 season and butted heads with Belichick. The Pats ended up with defensive lineman Jarvis Green, a valuable backup and sometime starter on two championship teams.

    Randy Moss didn't hide his love for Bill Belichick and the Pats after he was dumped.  …6. Shipping Moss in '10 for a third-rounder
    After Moss wore out his welcome, Belichick still managed to turn him into something of value. He dealt Moss in midseason to Minnesota for a third-round pick in 2011. That pick has turned into backup quarterback Ryan Mallett. The jury is still out on Mallett, but Moss was cut by Minnesota after only four games.

    7. Acquiring Ted Washington for a fourth-rounder in '03
    Washington played only one season in New England, but he was a vital cog in a Super Bowl-winning team as the Pats' defense ranked No. 4 in the NFL that season. The Bears shipped the fourth-round pick to the 49ers.

    8. Shipping Richard Seymour in '09 for an '11 first-rounder
    This deal was (and to an extent still is) one of the more controversial trades in Belichick's career. This was done just as the 2009 season started and many viewed it as a huge step backward for the Pats' defense. Seymour remains a productive (albeit expensive) player for Oakland. In 2011, the Pats used the pick to get Nate Solder, who is now the starting left tackle. So far, the Raiders have gotten more productivity, but the Pats hold all the upside.

    9. Shipping Matt Cassel (and Mike Vrabel) for a second-rounder in '08
    While Belichick was criticized for not getting more for Cassel, he had to move fast because Cassel was on a franchise tag. Cassel is now trending back down to backup status. The Pats used the pick to draft safety Patrick Chung, a solid-if-unspectacular starter.

    10. Acquiring Deion Branch for a '11 fourth-rounder in '10
    The back-and-forth dealing of Branch to and from Seattle is worthy of a long feature, but the end results have been just so-so. The Pats originally traded him to Seattle in '06 for a pick that turned in Brandon Meriweather (that deal was an ineffective draw). The Pats got Branch back in '10 and he immediately returned to being a reliable target. Seattle got linebacker K.J. Wright in 2011 with the draft pick, giving them the long-term upside on the deal.

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    Re: Bill Belichicks 10 greatest trades

    wow goes to show that BB knows exactly what he is doing despite what PhatRex might say! And this list doesn't even include the 1st Rounder (Mark Ingram) to NO for a 2nd and 1st the next year (Chandler Jones after a little shuffling) or the late 1st rounder to SF for their first the next year (#7 which we traded down to 10 and still got Jerod Mayo!) Or tading right in front of the TE needy Ravens to take the Gronk rioght away from them! Or trading down twice, (accumulating picks) and still getting his guy McCourty. Love watching BB maneuver on draft day.

    Good find on this article MrMojo, thanks for posting!

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    Re: Bill Belichicks 10 greatest trades

    It's incredible what Talib has accomplished while playing on just one leg.

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    Re: Bill Belichicks 10 greatest trades

    As I always have siad, BB is a pretty good trader. If only he could draft as well....


    On this list I wouldn't call the Branch or Glenn trades all that much to crow about.

    Maybe his worst trade ever was for Starks.

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    Re: Bill Belichicks 10 greatest trades

    There is no doubt this guy can negotiate, I forget what book it was in, but he basically walked away from a real estate deal because of price and then landed the same deal a year later for the price he wanted. I think this is a good way to negotiate - you set a price in your mind (based upon market trends, etc) and then be prepared to walk away, however I don't know if I'd negotiate like that with a 120 million dollar salary cap behind me.

    I think the trade for Washington was the biggest steal on that list, that guy was the only thing we were missing that year. And Washington is a good example of how he set a price and let the guy walk (which was a huge risk...we didn't have Wilfork until the draft rolled around three months later).  

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    Re: Bill Belichicks 10 greatest trades

    Dont get me wrong, I am not complaining, but I see 6 great tades here. I think the other 4 were fair trades.  I would move  #7 up to #5, and the jury is still out on #6. I would even move the Seymour trade up. The fact we got Solder for a guy we could not afford to resign, was a great move.

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    Re: Bill Belichicks 10 greatest trades

    In response to Neal Page's comment:

    Another thing that should be on here is his draft trades for picks, so we can see WHO he drafts off the moves. I'd like to see  a piece on those kinds of moves, too.  He's had some gems there.

    Like, he moved out of 2009 and that move helped him maneuver for Gronk in 2010. Clay Matthews or Gronk?

    I know my answer. Clay Matthews is a good player, but overrated. He has no interest in playing the run and probably never will.

    Another example:

    Stevan RIdley and Shane Vereen and a 1st rd pick (Hightower) or Mark Ingram?

    I know my answer. Some might say, Ridley and Vereen have nothing to do with Ingram. BUt, the fact is, they do.  BB was addressing the position of RB in 2011's draft just like he was in 2010 with TE, and with Ingram sitting there, he clearly had other targets, upping his odds and then ALSO trading into the 1st in 2012 as well?

    That's insane. That's a total fleece job deluxe by BB on Mickey Loomis. BB is playing checkers, the rest are playing chess.


    you mean he is playing chess, while the others are playing checkers.

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    Re: Bill Belichicks 10 greatest trades

    Best GM in NFL history.

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    Re: Bill Belichicks 10 greatest trades

    Rusty just abusing Phat Rex.

    Hey maybe we'll see the Jests in the playoffs.......LMAO

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    Re: Bill Belichicks 10 greatest trades

    Hey phat rex. The envy is too obvious. lol. You really need to get a life. I sincerly mean that.

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