Bill, Brady and Beantown

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    Re: Bill, Brady and Beantown

    Anyone smarter than a bean knows that without Belichick and Brady we have nothing. Well put.
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    Re: Bill, Brady and Beantown

    No, we also have Robert Kraft, former Patriots season ticket holder before he became owner, and his son Jonathan Kraft, team president. 

    The Krafts were rated by one national journalist as the #1 owners in the NFL.  They don't live off of taxpayers by requiring taxpayer money to put up a new stadium.  Rather, they sink their own money into the local tax base (and make quite a profit for themselves).

    The Krafts focused on Bill Belichick and fought for him, trading a first round pick to the Jets for him.  The Krafts keep signing the guy to new contracts too.  If BB runs off to a ranch in Montana tomorrow, the Krafts will try to find another winner of a coach. 

    The Krafts set a tone for the team where trading a second round pick this year for a first rounder next year, or trading a first rounder this year for two second rounders this year, is helpful to the team in the long run.  Many teams have weak management and strong head coaches, so the coach sells out the team's future in order to win now and save his job this year. 

    Also, Robert Kraft doesn't skimp on rings.  Good rings, top notch locker rooms and training facilities, good field condition, a good conditioning staff to minimize injuries, first class treatment, all of these things lure good players to Foxboro for less salary cap money. 

    A solid winning tradition also lures good players.  The only two times the Pats didn't win the division championship in the last nine years, they were 10-6 and 11-5.  It's crazy in the NFL to stay above 10-6 nine years in a row.  Players know that the Pats will be contenders next year and the year after that.  As a result, the Patriots have a special relationship with Junior Seau where he doesn't count under the 53 man limit in September.  He just shows up in December and rounds into shape for the playoffs.  No other team cuts this deal. 

    Tom Brady understands that playing for the Patriots, with only 17 sacks this season and lots of targets, lengthens his career.  His targets understand that Tom will only rarely lead them into a season-ending big hit.  Taking a pay cut and signing with the Patriots becomes a smart business practice.  Brady took a moderate cut.  Randy Moss took a rather big cut.  Enough cuts, and the Patriots get to buy extra players at a salary cap price that no other team can afford.

    My stepson is an Oakland Raiders fan.  Great Halloween parties, but otherwise all they have in Oakland is really old memories of actually making a playoff and then getting shafted by the Patriots and one ref call.