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Bills @ Patriots Report Card

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    Re: Bills @ Patriots Report Card

    Player of the game - Leodis McKelvin, thanks man!
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    Re: Bills @ Patriots Report Card

    As for the O-Line, sacks allowed do not tell the whole story.  You need to count hits on the QB too.  The O-line has picked up right where they left off since the Eagles game in 2007; letting Brady get hit way too much.  Cassell got hit and/or sacked a lot last year, and all of that was blamed on him being a virtual rookie.  I think the other teams got the memo that our O-Line is overrated.  Brady cannot keep getting hit like this.  This was the Bills, how often will he get hit when we play a good defense?

    Taking too many hits will eventually take their toll.  I think we did get better towards the end of the game though.
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    Re: Bills @ Patriots Report Card

    Despite our QB protection issues, you could see signs that this offense could be very potent this year.  What I liked most about the game was that it reminded me of a typical game in our championship years; finding a way to barely win no matter who the opponent is.  The Pats should not be watched by people with heart conditions.
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    Re: Bills @ Patriots Report Card

    To think that the Bills are just another bad team is very premature this early in the season.  T.O. adds a whole new dimension to this offense and don't be surprised to see the Bills put some major points on some teams.

    That being said, I think people are being too hard on the Patriots D.  First off Mayo got injured early in the game, you can deduct 7pts on the the Brady INT, and the Pats got flagged with two very questionable calls.  I like the speed I saw from this D late in the game and I only expect more improvement.  I give the Pats Defense a B.  OL a C, and the rest get A's.  Brady however, doesn't get a grade, he's always great! 
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    Re: Bills @ Patriots Report Card

    To give the Pats' deffense anything less than a B is ridiculous. 
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    Re: Bills @ Patriots Report Card


    They were definately rusty, especially the first half. Brady threw some bad passes, Moss and Welker dropped a few they almost always catch, and they couldn't run outside the tackles. BUT.....the second half passing game gave us a glimpse of what this offense can do. The preseason doesn't mean will take a few real games for the timing to get better. The second half passing attack was more indicutive of what this offense should be able to do. The timing got better as the game went on evident by several of the timing routes and completions between Brady and Moss. Brady was like 26 for 31 in the second half.
    As far as their run game.....the O line is much to blame. They looked mediocre with a few flashes of brilliance. They need to become more balanced to beat the better teams.


    Losing Mayo outright hurt us tremendously. I agree with Texas's analysis on the D, however disagree completely on the Thomas hit. Thomas let go of him on the way down and didn't "throw" himself on top of Edwards. It was a poor call. 275 lbs doesn't stop on a dime.

    Wilfork.....loved his hustle. It is one thing to see a safety make a tackle across the field, but another to see a 350lb nose tackle make a tackle 20 yards downfield after penetrating 5 yards up field. Great hustle. He definately needs to stay a PAT.

    Secondary was so-so. I agree that the loss of Mayo caused the secondary to make more tackles than normal.

    The team is rusty. They will get better. Preseason doesn't allow for the kind of meshing that this team needs after being overhauled this off season. One thing is for sure though, if this is the team that shows up for the Jets, we will get beat.

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    Re: Bills @ Patriots Report Card

    Good teams win even when they don't play well. A missed field goal here, a couple botched fourth downs, uncharacteristic drops and poor timing in the passing gamethere, an outstanding one-handed interception for a touchdown . . .

    Correct even a little of that and this game could easily have been 34-17 Pats.

    Finish with touchdowns instead of field goals and it's a blowout.

    Okay, so the Pats stole one they didn't really deserve to win -- or more accurately, Buffalo didn't deserve to lose -- but much of what I saw last night looks correctable. The biggest question now is the status of Mayo's knee, and I don't expect to hear anything definitive about that from Belichick until  . . .

    well . . .


    A win is a win is a win.

    Bring on Green New Jersey.

    (ohhh . . .  and I like the red jerseys, and especially the old helmet logo)
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    Re: Bills @ Patriots Report Card

    In Response to Re: Bills @ Patriots Report Card:
    Oh great, this f*ggot is back with his report cards, playing armchair quarterback and handing out half a dozen C's to a team that rallied from an 11 point deficit in the final 5 minutes.  We all know you're a Cowboys fan, why do you keep posting on here?
    Posted by themightypatriotz

    Mpat-- TexasPat is a real PATs fan. Your name calling does not reflect well on you. It is obvious that many people enjoy reading his posts.
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    Re: Bills @ Patriots Report Card

    in the first half brady got an F.second half an A

    the rb,s- B-
    the defense got an F in the first three Quarters,an A+ the fourth quarter.
    player of the game-ben watson.savior of the game.mckelvin
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    Re: Bills @ Patriots Report Card

    Pats Fans Grade-F-Go read the game thread and try to deny that ALL of you were ready to abandon ship for the season when the going got tough last night!

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves!

    Is there such a thing as an F-?
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    Re: Bills @ Patriots Report Card

    I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that.  I was wrong.  You're a good person, Tex.
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    Re: Bills @ Patriots Report Card

    OL -C Great to open the game.  Terrible in the middle.  Better at the end.
    QB -C Shows rust, but he will come around.
    RB C+ Everyone good except Maroney.  As he always has, runs too much side to side.  Get him out, put in BJGE.
    WR -B First game jitters as both Moss and Welker drop passes
    TE -A Great performance by Watson

    Defense -
    DL - C Horrible.  Could not stop the run and until the end created no pass rush.
    LB - C Mostly bad.  Obviously the loss of Mayo hurt, but the Pats are supposed to be able to interchange player - Didn't happen.  They were getting pushed way too deep.  Pierre Woods got smoked all night.  TBC had a great game.  Especially near the end.  Always seemed to be around the ball.
    DB's- C Played well with the exception of tackling.  (Actually, the tackling goes for the entire defense).  I liked the hard hitting of the secondary.  Good change from the past few years.
    Special teams B+ Other than Gost's missed FG, he had great kickoffs and the coverage was awesome. 
    Coaching - 
    Defense- C-.  It seemed like the players on D were always in the wrong place at the wrong time. 
    Offense- C-.  I think the Offensive Coordinator grabbed McDaniel's playbook from the first few games last year.  You would think we have a bunch of old, slow receivers.  Throw that ball down the field already!  It's easy to game plan if you only have to worry about a twenty yard area.  Even if it's not there.  Throw it, to keep it in their mind!

    Overall grade for the entire team - C.  Granted there were a few key plays that may have affected the score (Wilfork, Thomas, Brady's Int.), I was still disappointed.  Those are my thoughts on this game.  For the rest of the season, I am still very optimistic for the year and feel this team will take time to gel.  I think there will be a bunch of 38-31 type scores early this season, with the opponents scoring less as the season goes on, provided everyone is healthy.
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    Re: Bills @ Patriots Report Card

    Uhh....this is how you rationalize. The Pats schemed to insure Evans/TO did not beat them. The LB's played the underneath route opening up the middle for the rb's/qb to takle advantage of the middle of the field. The Bills, to their credit did take advantage. But Kudo's to the Pats "D"...they followed the scheme taking Evans/TO out of the way, "daring" a middlin qb and back up rb to beat them.  
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    Re: Bills @ Patriots Report Card

    Its always hard for me to grade the team, not knowing the gameplan (the D did a great job shutting the WRs down - maybe that was the top priority) - still, it looked like the Bills O-line was having their way with the DL and linebackers - I saw lots of sustained great blocks from the Bills that opened up their running game. 

    I am bummed out about Mayo, too, I was hopng to see him really explode this year - I hope his injury isn't too serious... Towards the end of the game though, I thought Tully Banta-Cain really stepped it up.

    Brady in those last few minutes looked unbeatable - we are so fortunate to have a player like that.

    Anyway, a thriller.

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    Re: Bills @ Patriots Report Card

    Good to see the report card back for another year.

    I'd give coaching a C. I wasn't happy at all with the play calling especially on 3rd and 4thdowns.
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