Bills many injuries

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    Bills many injuries

    Are you trying to say the Pats couldnt beat a healthy Bills team? cause the Pats I have been watching for the last decade are nto afraid to play anyone healthy or not and you sound like your were scared to face the Bills. We win this game with or with out their injury woes.
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    Bills many injuries

    I don't know... after last week's poor coaching and untimely calls against us, I say, a break this week is very welcomed. Let's go 6-3, put last week's should-have-won game behind us, and then bring on the Jets.

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    Bills many injuries

    Losing Schobel hurts the Bills bad. The rush should be handled by the Pats. The other players I don't think matter much.

    The Bills have also struggled against 3-4 defenses this year.

    The 2nd part of the season starts and we may finally see the offense start to open up a bit. Cassel has shown to me he's ready. I liked his play a lot against the Colts on the road.

    It looks good!

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    Bills many injuries

    I hope Vince and his toe are fine because as its been written about lately the last two bills losses have come from dominating nose tackle performances.
    Toes are small but they can affect so much like planting and standing your ground, pushing off and exploding off the line. I love seeing when Vince hits a QB like that hit on big ben last year.

    hell, I'm a skinny long distance runner and a toe injury can make running painful. I couldn't imagine a 350 beast with all that weight pushing off.