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Biting Comments By Bruschi

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    Re: Biting Comments By Bruschi

    I for one am somewhat satisfied by Ocho's contribution. We tend to only look at stats, catches/yards, but what we don't see is what he is doing for branch, welker and gronk by being on the field. I never expected him to put up welker numbers, but if he can just average something like 5-7 cathces a game, maybe in the 70 yard range, that is all we need. So, not overly elated, he's got room to produce more, but he's done okay.

    On Dallas....this could be a tough game. If we can effectively pass block against Dallas front 7, I think we eat their secondary alive. They have a terrible secondary that Tom should be able to exploit IF he has some time to do so.
    The run mixed in well this week will be another key ingredient in the win, regardless of Dallas being the top 4 rush D or not.
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    Re: Biting Comments By Bruschi

    In Response to Biting Comments By Bruschi:
         Check out these comments by Cool Bru: 1.) On Chad Ochocincho: "I'm not going to call him a lost cause, but it's close. The Patriots have the bye after the Dallas game, and if he's still having problems after that, then it would be time to reassess his value to the team."; 2.) On Albert Haynesworth and the Pats "D": "Right now, Albert Haynesworth  looks like he's far from being in midseason form. A back injury for a defensive lineman can be a serious deal. When you see him cramping on the field while he's playing in a rotational basis, that speaks volumes about his conditioning. This team needs Haynesworth to contribute. On the Patriots' defense, I'm going to temper any excitement until after this Cowboys game."; 3.) On BJGE: "As long as Green-Ellis and Stevan Ridley  are playing the way they are, you won't see much from Shane Vereen. That's what you want as a Patriots fan. Ridley is a good changeup, but I've said this for weeks: Green-Ellis is your workhorse. Did you see how he carried Sione Pouha into the end zone? That is the difference between BJGE and the two rookies: the lower-body strength and the ability to carry defenders for that much-needed final yard."; 4.) On the NY Jets: "As of right now, I think they're done. With reports of dissention in the locker room, there have been two weeks in this three-game losing stretch where they have been beaten by their own game. The Raiders pounded them with Darren McFadden , and the Patriots outrushed them 152 yards to 97. There is still time for them, but with the emergence of Buffalo, they are on the outside looking in. It is a real possibility they miss the playoffs."; 5.) On the crumpling of the Manningless Colts: "Unfortunately (for them) it seems like Peyton is the difference. When Tom Brady went down, and Matt Cassel came in, we took it upon ourselves to show we were still a good football team even without Brady. We won 11 games. I believe the Colts players have that type of pride also. But one mistake I recognize is bringing Kerry Collins in; that's still puzzling to me. He was clearly retired, and this type of start for them was inevitable due to Collins' lack of knowledge in this offense. I would have gone with Curtis Painter from the beginning."; 6.) On the Dallas Cowboys: "Dallas has the third ranked pass offense in the NFL...the...edge goes to Dallas, especially with Miles Austin  returning from a hamstring injury. Dez Bryant will be a go. He should be healthy from that quad injury. (Jason) Witten leads the team in almost every important category, and the guy can block...on the Patriots' defense, I'm going to temper any excitement until after this Cowboys game...Witten is better than (Antonio) Gates...I would make Tony Romo  try to complete passes to his receivers. While those receivers are dangerous too, one pass to those receivers is one fewer pass to Witten, and those are often easier passes over the middle of the field."      "Overall, this next week will be a different beast, as you're looking at the No. 1 defense against the run. They're the fourth ranked defense in yards. And they come in with a pass offense that can move the ball in the air. The Cowboys' defensive coordinator is Rob Ryan, so it will be a game where the Patriots' offensive coaches will have to sideline adjust against Ryan and his complex schemes. Should be a big test."
    Posted by TexasPat3

    Preach Tedy!

    maybe now some will see what Ive been saying...The film dont lie.  Even Vince took a shot at his teamate Big Al for not being in shape.  I mean he has been here 3 months and gets cramps after playing 3 snaps!?!?!  and you guys still wanna wait on this guy like Jesus???  bwah-ha-hahhhh
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    Re: Biting Comments By Bruschi

    Loved Tedy as a player....  Now he's doing a different job for a different organization with it's own axes to grind for its own reasons.  Interesting to read his opinions but that's what they are, informed opinions from a guy who understands the game.  He does not always get it right and neither do we.  So he's kind of like us. However, his forum has only his posts.  And so it goes.

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    Re: Biting Comments By Bruschi

    In Response to Re: Biting Comments By Bruschi:
    In Response to Re: Biting Comments By Bruschi :  .....that leads me to this: Why doesn't Branch get criticism in the Buffalo game for no catches or targets for that matter? Why are we solely focusing on Ochocinco? Where is the uproar over Hernandez always being dinged up and dropping a TD pass? ...
    Posted by RidingWithTheKing

    I would say this is why:

    1. Branch and Hernandez have proven themselves with the Pats.  They have both had big games where they were big contributors; Branch of course has had far more such games.  Ocho hasn't yet had a single game that stands out.  Granted, many more games to go.  An old commander of mine explained to me his "chit theory".  Every time you do something good you can put a chit in your pocket.  Every time you do something bad you take 2 chits out.  As long as you have chits in your pocket you are good to go.  Branch and Hernandez have accumulated a lot of chits.  Ocho's pockets are empty.  There are no chits in them.....yet.

    2. Ocho simply came in with high expectations.  When he was traded, most of us here expected him to at least be as good as Branch.  At least the people on this board did.  Still too early to say he won't, but as each week passes the whole "missed OTA's, offseason, etc." argument becomes harder and harder to say.

    I've actually been encourage with his recent games.  He's done a decent imitation of your typical Gaffney game; don't make a bunch of catches but the catches he makes tend to be timely and needed.  Even if he slowly progresses week by week he will be a contributor in the playoffs.  As you point out, his skills are likely diminished.  He can still contribute though if he learns the offense.  In that regard I think he's making Gaffney look like a genius.