Biting Comments By Bruschi

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    UD6, im not gonna get into whatever you are discussing but i would like to take this moment to say I hope you guys dont pull a Detroit Lions move and go 0-16. I doubt it, and  I know its frustrating...I cant even remember last time we started that bad. Now you know why we always stressed that N.E. had the better team even if the Brady/Manning thing was debatable(sp). I think the book is out on Caldwell and for that matter a little on Dungy as well.  I def. think Caldwell just inherited a good team. Atleast Dungy was inspiring and was a good football mind defensively, but going forward you have to pray for Pey- a ton. Gruden said Peyton even use to run the whole practice!!   You guys are not set up to succeed w/out him and coaching cant overcome it either. I know this doesnt sound like empathy but it is, just with a few backhanded compliments in between. Good luck on the rest of the season. I still believe our matchup will be exciting as Painter is getting better every week and you still have those nightmare for QB pass rushers that get after it. So if we decide Brady needs to be on t.v. that week we could struggle blocking up front. I hope you have NFL sunday Ticket like the Manning commercial sais..."Tune in to my brother Eli while we are blowing out the Texans"  only difference is its you guys getting blown out. p.s. , this post was in no way meant to be derogatory. Seriously
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    That is a huge part of the team's failure though. Painter looked completely unprepared. He should. According to everything that I have heard, he doesn't even take practice reps outside of preseason. 

    BB always stresses a philosophy of having every player prepared to play. But when you allow no other QB but your starter to take reps in weekly practices, what do you think will happen when he goes down?

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    Re: Biting Comments By Bruschi

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    In Response to Re: Biting Comments By Bruschi : + 1 People dont realize that the 12 personell is our base now and once in a while we will go 5 wide like the beginning of the jets game when they went empty set, but i think that was there answer to not having Woody, rather than overuse Benny, they just used some empty set.  12 is our best personell with Gronk and Hernandez being so dynamic.  I am happy they arent catering to him and as long as he is a good soldier, he will be rewarded with a feature appearance at some point...but with us averaging over 30 a game, the only real reason to force it to Chad is if Bill has him on his fantasy team..
    Posted by JayShizzle45

    Yeah. I think the 2TE set has been a life-change for this team, and quite unique. Bill O'Brien essentially re-wrote the offense after McDaniels left, moving away from the loose collection of plays with Moss running deep routes and Welker/Faulk following underneath in the space he cleared.

    NE's base offense is going to be hard for anyone to break into now. You aren't taking Welker off the field. You aren't taking Gronk off the field. You aren't taking Hernandez off the field. So you really need to be as good or better than Branch. 

    I think the problem is that at this stage in his career, given the age differential, and the time-in-system differential, Ocho really doesn't offer much over Branch ... so he is reserved for sets that call for three of more wide. 

    Don't get me wrong ... I would LOVE someone to outperform Branch, or for Branch to outperform himself. This offense would literally take off if they added a true deep threat. The passing game would get better, the running game would get better. 

    But that is hard ... Branch isn't elite, but inside 15 yards, he is a swiss-army knife of a route-runner, and has tremendously reliable hands. 
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    Re: Biting Comments By Bruschi

    I'm not sure how much access he has now, but given his status, and what he accomplished, he has respect, and he was a media spokesman for the defense. I enjoyed the comments from Rodney, Willie too, and we still have that with Vince. That's really lacking now and will continue until someone starts to show a chip. In a sense, Mayo going down allows for that. They rallied around that last week, I think. The next 3 games (Dallas, Pittsburgh, Giants) are a huge test, no let up. After that, the Jets again in NY. Then they can pull the string, I think, and deal with Buffalo at home in the last game. Guys like Ninkovich, Chung are chip worthy.  In other words, leaders that can make a difference and influence the other guys. BB wants that to happen.

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