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BJE Signs with the Bengles

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    Re: BJE Signs with the Bengles

    "You're a liar, a horrendous reader and a very scummy little person to continue on with these littles posts of yours, Mr. Pink Hat"

    Good Ol Rusty, always bringing out the heavy artillery when he gets cornered in.

    Lets examine what you REALLY have been saying all year Rusty. Benny should be the Lead Back and get 25 plus carries a game. After your little hiatus, not this past time, but the time before that you must have finally realized that Benny was not that good so you started with this 'lets trade for M.J.D' thing, and you have been on that for a few weeks.  Now you want to be proven right for suggesting we upgrade to FORCE Brady to run more????   Are you Serious little fella?  You wonder why you get clowned every

    You will always overrate a player until you realize they are headed out. Now you want to Upgrade the position after praising Benny as a great back for 3 years??

    You now come at Pro with all these made up accusations just because he painted the picture for you. Listen dude, you dont get a re do. You rode Bennys jock and now you face the music. Do you think a guy like Brady would be allowed to walk? They wouldnt even let him hit the market. Its only after half the board saying we can do better than Benny that you jumped on and said,.Lets

    You are such a pathetic, attention seeking, self absorbed,. raging lunatic, you cant even see the obvious flaws you display daily, despite numerous people calling you out on the same thing.

    You actually made the statement that S.Moore had a better SB than Brady based off one strip he had....lmao

    Rusty Noone is gonna admit you were right, because you werent.  Our rebuiilding "D" has gotten worse. YOU have Predicted Nothing! Im the one that has been saying the last few years that we dont run because our personell is better in the passing game and Benny would never get 20 carries because he was a mediocre back behind a H.O.F. qb with 2 GREAT passing targets to throw to.

    Also, for someone who praised B.B. at every turn, you sure do question a lot of what he does. You must think he is an idiot for not running more and letting Benny walk, no? which is it?  Is B.B. just a lil b*tch who cant control his prima donna QB, and he drafted 2 backs so maybe Brady would not be so selfish and think about running the ball more? Is that
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    Re: BJE Signs with the Bengles

    Good Rebuttal Z

    If you look around the league, every year another back comes out of obscurity.

    The  only question is how MUCH better will the new replacement be, and even then, the consensus already is that Vareen and Ridley are more talented and theri respective draft selection indicate that as well.

    Come to think of it, I cant recall ANY backs that there given a chance in the NFL and just flat our Failed. RB is the easiest position to implement, find, etc.

    I remember one year with Drew Bledsoe we signed Terry Frik-in Allen. A plus 30 y/o coming off of 2 major knee reconstuctions and he was the lead back ALL year.

    Average RB's are VERY easy to find and Replace. Its the Walter Paytons and Adrian Petersons that come along often.

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    Re: BJE Signs with the Bengles

    Pats were fooling BJGE for not re-signing you.

    You're a great player and will do well wherever you are.

    Thanks for playing here for four years and best of luck down the road.

    I'll be thinking and missing of you the first time a Pats running back makes a game changing fumble--which you never did.
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    Re: BJE Signs with the Bengles

    Solid RB. Did not dance behind the line of scrimmage and never fumbled. Law Firm will be missed. Will see what happens if Lewis makes him a feature back.

    Pretty clear the Pat need another back. Just a mid-level signing or 2nd or 3rd round draftee. It would surprise the heck out of everyone if BB went RB with one of first three picks. Wouldn't it?
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