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    1.)  Start right at the top, the owner! Just look at the puked out look on Belichick's face and it's not hard to believe there is some kind of disconnect between him and Kraft. There is a low budget approach to this whole organization and it's paying it's toll. When Weis was fired at Notre Dame everyone figured he come back here,RIGHT,WRONG! There you go when Weis left here he was P.O.ed about money$$$$ so even he's not coming back. Who else is going Wilfork,Gotkoski,maybe even Belichick might quit, not out of the realm of possibility.
        In 2002 after a disapointing season Belichick told Kraft he needed more talent and they went and signed players to win 2 more Super Bowls.What up now? A mass exedous of managers, coaches, and players and it's not going to stop anytime soon. The price of success,maybe? But it's time to pull out the billion $ dollar $ checkbook and spend some money.
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    Re: Blame?

    Ever hear of something called the cap? And what is it with all the whining about Weis? I don't recall hin calling a press conference and saying anything about comong back here do you? I'd like to see your proof about his giving money as a reason for taling his dream job at ND. Why is it that when things aren't going well all you bandwagoneers crawl out from under your rocks to complain?
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    Re: Blame?

    What on earth are you talking about?  You sound like a classic New England pessimist. Blame first, be constructive only when its absolutely necessary.   Kraft and Belichik are fine.  Kraft is untouchable is this situation.
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    Re: Blame?

    Been a fan since 1969 , so hardly a bandwagoneer. Keep drinking the koolaid.
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    Re: Blame?

    Don-  Have you heard of the cap?  What should be done differently?

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    Re: Blame?

    Being a fan since 1969 doesn't disqualify you from being a bit of a finger pointing whiner though.
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    Re: Blame?

    What I would do!

    1.) At least spend up to the cap limit or sign incentive laden contracts, maybe something they can't do now due to the fact that no one wants to come here anymore. My opinion.

    2.) Sign a offensive coordinator and inprove the coaching staff, why keep running Charlies offense if Charlies never coming back. Sign and pay a OC.

    3.) Back in the 70's they had the philosphy of drafting the best talent available and mostly number 1 picks, they don't want to draft number 1's because they don't want to pay them. You build championships thru the draft as well as free agency.
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    Re: Blame?

    Bob Kraft is not the problem nor a symptom.  If it weren't for him.....there wouldn't be anything here.   Pre-Parcells you could have written a book on the comedic history of this franchise. 
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    Re: Blame?

    flip flip flip.............
    When you hire an Offensive coordoinator with absolutely no experience at this level.......
    Not one of the Pats past OC's were OC's any where else.

    When your priority is to sign a sub-standard pro football tackle (KASZUR) to an extension and you leave your talented players unsigned like Wilfolk and
    Mankins and release an All-pro like Seymour and don't get immediate help in the following draft....
    It's all about the cap we will have to wait and see how it plays out on Mankins and Wilfolks. As for Seymour he did not do much in Oakland and the draft choices will come in handy next year. maybe allowing the Pats more money to sign Mankins and Wilfolk.
    3) When you consistantly have poor drafts from the talent pool in the College ranks... (how many 1rst round draft choices are starting for this team and contributing besides Mankins)...his rookie year aside Mayo is playing very ordinary
    Like I said on anopther thread the pats have half their roster with under 5yr players with 20 rookies some where on their roster and 10 playing weekly. Do other teams have the same amount of rookies????? NO

    (4) when you have a Defensive Cooordinator like Peese who you keep instead of
     an Experienced Coordinator that wanted to change to a more attacking defense.
    Do you mean the guy who went to become a HC? I believe you do so that is a dumb statement since I doubt he'd stay as an OC for a HC job.
    You and others seem to think getting an expierienced OC is easy it's not since many want HC jobs and not lateral moves. BTW every time you change an OC it takes time for the players and him to move as one. It's why the Pats have always promoted from within.

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    Re: Blame?

    Totally agree with the original post.  Kraft has to take alot of blame here because this team didn't have enough proven talent to win this year.  Spend less time building up Patriot Place and devote some more $ into bringing in some experienced established players.
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    Re: Blame?

    Flip781 Romeo only had 1 year as a DC from what I could look up. All his other coaching experience was as a Special teams coach and defensive line coach prior. Weiss yes he had previous OC experience but i think the gentleman was referring to Mangini and McDaniels.

    The bottom line is that its obvious that BB feels the continuity is more important if its possible and has tried to maintain it. Look at a guy like Peyton manning with one OC and system his entire career vs someone like Jason Campbell who has had like 5 different OC's and systems. If you look at it around the league I am sure you will see similar scenarios and results.

    Donspartucus you actually mentioned the 70's and money? Seriously? Don't ever bring up money and signings of any team or era that did not have to deal witht he salary cap as an argument compared to this cap era.

    Bump to Encinitas. Also don't forget During his three years as head coach of the Houston Texans, Caper's biggest failure was getting the defense established. Twice it ranked 31st in the league.

    Flip781 where the heck do you come up with these wild stories about BB making promises and reneging. Pro coaches are't going to come out and shoot their mouths off even if there was something that happened. They don't usually burn bridges and anything I can find has the two men continually quoting respect for each other.

    Flip781 what are you talking about with regards to Wilfork and Mankins? If it ends up a uncapped year then Mankins is an RFA and Wilfork can be franchised. They don't have to get into a bidding war.

    Flip781 what is your point about kaczur. yeah the Patriots extender him so what. It wasn't like they paid him a ton of money. Actually it was peanuts considering he was part of an offensive unit and team over the past 4 years that has done some amazing feats. Go reeducate yourself of what's been accomplished while he's been starting and consider how little they paid to extend him by comparison around the league and that teams offensive accomplishments. Some people are just flat out unrealistic.

    Take a look at two teams that throw big money at hot FA's every year. Raiders and redskins are two quick examples. Can you tell me what they have done or won recently with all their big spending? Perhaps you can tell me what team has bought themselves a superbowl in the cap era? I think I missed it.