Blount The Dark Horse !!

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    Blount The Dark Horse !!

    In The first two games we saw nothing from Blount ,

    but the last two games against two tough defensive units he showed he has speed and can break tackles , he did get the first down conversion but the ball spotting was horrible .

    I can see Blount taking more and more snaps from ridley i think he can be a key against the very fast Blitzing Benglas defense .

    I hope he gets more touchs i think he can suprise us all and produce more than ridley ,and one last note please use decent KR no more blount on kick returns (No KR in the game).

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    Re: Blount The Dark Horse !!

    Agreed.  A mixture of Blount, Ridley and Bolden is a 3-headed  monster.  Can you imagine when Vereen comes back?

    I thought Blount played great.  One minor critique, though.  Behind the line, he reminds me a bit of Laura Maroney.  It seems like he dances a bit too much before hitting the hole.  He obviously doesn't do this on every carry like Laura did, but it's something to keep an eye on.  Some will call it good patience, and I can see that.  But I just thought there have been a few plays this season where he has danced behind the line a little too much instead of hitting the hole running north-south at full speed.

    But boy, once he gets into that open field.  Buh-bye.  He's got some wheels for being such a big guy

    Also, 100% agree on the Kick Returns.  Luckily, Bryant was booming them into the end zone all night so we didn't have to watch those returns.  Why the hell isn't Boyce taking the KR?  Is it a trust thing with BB?  I hope he gives him some reps back there soon.  The kid is electric in the open field.