In response to LazarusintheSanatorium's comment:

BluePrint to Beat the Pats=Stay strong upfront on D, and offer up Any & EVERY opportunity which might allow for Brady to pass the ball...ALL-  Day-  Long. 

You'll be primed to secure the lead and win come the 4th quarter...Your D won't be worn down or tired 1 bit, and your Offense WILL ultimately beat the odds based on NE's 2 minute long TOP drives, by taking the field more times and at quicker intervals, and eventually As your OWN D never has been broken & beaten down by NE's O, they'll hold firm come the endgame, while at the same time better & better odds are that your O will finally secure that uptmost critical, late-game score by chipping away at greater opportunities within shorter intervals, against NE's ever-more worn down Defense.

No one said anything about McCourtey. But if you think Russel Wilson is the second coming of Peyton Manning then the db's were perhaps fine. If you think Russel Wilson is a rookie with a 75.3 passer rating (which is very bad by the way) should be able to throw for 3tds and a 133 rating well than like me you think the DB's stink."

Lmao...WhyTH would I think ANY of that?!?  I think:  NE's Offense left SOoooo many opportunistic chances afforded to them TO SCORE AND To Secure a SIGNIFICANT AND to establish THEIR exacting control over gameplay based on executing long AND consistant TOP drives, AND by simple & steady use of a running game by not subbing in & out NE's lead back, AND by reducing the number of drives and Increasing the number IN-between drives of Seattle, AND by (just like Baltimore, btw)- Offering up a Late 4th Quarter regulation-clock ending 4th quarter drive of their OWN, THUS actually benefitting (at this point, I'd even take anything short of "hamstringing") their own Team's VERY solid D play...throughout the 1st 55 minutes of this contest.

The offense was awful in the second half. Who the heck denies that! Just at least admit that the defense stunk, it will keep you from looking like a tool. I love Brady and he was terrible in the second half. I have zero problem saying that but no one intelligent can deny that the defense was awful too. It gave up 14 points in the 4th quarter and both scoring drives took less than 2 minutes. It was pathetic even if they had been facing P Manning. Taking into account it was Russel Wilson it is absolutely ridiculous that someone will try to defend the defense today, especially  it's performance at the end.