BOB RYAN writes about SPYGATE

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    Re: BOB RYAN writes about SPYGATE

    Ryan has been senile for a decade now. Besides he knows who pays his salary and it's the New York Times.
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    Re: BOB RYAN writes about SPYGATE

    In Response to Re: BOB RYAN writes about SPYGATE:
    In Response to Re: BOB RYAN writes about SPYGATE : The problem with it is, it's all old news. HE could have written it in 2009, not that he needed to. So, with so much to focus on in a nice way for this 2011 Pats club, he's being the company guy, collecting a paycheck and being lazy. Super. Congrats Bob Ryan for essentially being that old guy living off his name and being overpaid for it. Ask any Pats fan living out of market, and I am telling you (as you know), this "scorn" is so deep rooted, it blows away this Yankees and Cowboys comparsion for reasons I already explained. I know more about this than Ryan does. Absolute truth. Ryan still hasn't done his job and included all the evidence we have to show this was, in all actuality, a witch hunt deluxe. Also, I feel BB and Kraft never really understood just how hated and how jealous other teams were even prior to using Spygate as a platform to try to weaken NE.  So, I guess shame on them for not smelling a brewing hatred an jealousy never before seen in sports. Yes, this surpasses any anti-Yankees sentiments. Look at these "3 teams" that whined to Goodell about McDaniels being hired. Who are these 3 teams and why wasn't this an issue in 2009 with Pasqualoni going to Dallas?
    Posted by RustyGriswold

    If the Pats win on Sunday, what are the local hacks going to write then?  

    I also got a kick about today's article pointing out the NY Media exaggerations about what Brady said at the rally.  Of course the NY Post is probably only one tiny step above the National Enquirer.   Chad Finn does point out that NY Media is an exaggeration but where in the article is a countering line for line showing just how full of horse dung these NY Headlines are?  

    Nah, it appears that our local writers would rather write about our #31D with its bad Secondary, Brady's last interception, how we can't win without Gronk at 100%, the 2008 Super Bowl, Elite Goober, Giants 4 Man Rush, and Cruz's Salsa.  I could go on and on but this siiitt is getting beyond rediculous.  

    BTW, Welcome back.   :)


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    Re: BOB RYAN writes about SPYGATE

    Just checked the mobile page for patriots .... The "scorn" article was yanked. Minor victory ...?