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Bobby Carpenter

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    Re: Bobby Carpenter

    I'm beginning to think the Patriots should stop announcing free agent signings and rather go with a blanket type of monthly statement - it should read like this...The Patriots today signed 15 former busts and cast-offs...they all will proceed to get their heads kicked in during training camp and then be unceremoniously dumped before the regular season.

    These same players will also be at times signed on a Monday and then released on Friday before games, then signed to the active roster 3 hours before a Sunday kickoff...where they'll never see the game day roster and then be cut on Monday.

    The funny thing is some Detroit fans are saying Carpenter was their best coverage linebacker last year, then again the Lions had a pass rush that didn't require anyone to have to cover someone for's a tad bit different here.
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    Re: Bobby Carpenter

    I guess I'd like to see what the guy does, both in camp and game situations before I label him as a pre-positioned bust.  Has he set the league on fire thus far?  Of course not but BB signed him for a reason.  If it was just for training camp competition, fine.  At least he will have served a useful purpose.
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    Re: Bobby Carpenter

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         Why all the excitement over the signing of this guy? He's a special-teams/fill-in guy at best. He's living proof that just because someone is a #1 draft choice, doesn't mean that he can play. 
    Posted by TexasPat3

    Why all the excitement? Haven't you heard every white linebacker that we sign will turn into our next Mike Vrabel? By my count we've signed 15 Mike Vrabels since Mike Vrabel left.
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    Re: Bobby Carpenter

    he did very well in detroit this year his pick six in dallas started a 21 point come back
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    Re: Bobby Carpenter

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    In Response to Re: Bobby Carpenter : And this is why I actually do NOT think this signing is a bad one (despite the fact that he remains part of the derisive euphemism punch-line granted towards highly rated linebackers coming out of Ohio State).  NOT the worst gamble...  Because I believe (although I'm not completely sure on the NFL vet total year number), that The NFLPA made it a point somewhere to allow for Veteran NFL Players with a certain number of accrued seasons, to: A /> Be allowed to get paid that Vet minimum salary based on their tenure in the league (helping the player, and "older" <been in the league for 5 years + or so /> players in general), And/BUT B> Their vet minimum salary actually only counts as HALF it's total against said signing/re-signing team's Total Cap.  No doubt Carpenter got signed for real cheap...but he might have been signed for just dirt-cheap. And Carpenter's actually been steadily rising in his pro abilities and output as his stint in the pros moves forward in time <small bumps, but as a graph, it's noteably goin' upwards in production />.  Finally, I love the fact that he just spent a couple years in Detroit...  I have NO idea who Detroit's Defensive Coordinator actually IS, but dear gahd- whomever that DC (or tandem DC, Head Coach, Assistant DC, and positional coaching group) actually is- That guy (or small combo) deserves the highest of accolades on player development on The Defensive Side of the ball.  Certain non-highly regarded Rookies (Suh withstanding), 2-3 year castoffs not showing enough promise in their development elsewhere, and even Vet guys who've been largely given up on=ALL seem to come outta that place initially showing twice as much production and twice as good skills, from before they went to Detroit.  
    Posted by LazarusintheSanatorium

    Gunther Cunningham
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    Re: Bobby Carpenter

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    I have seen carpenter play on many occasions. He is not making this team unless they scrap Guyton and someone else to create a spot. I think BB is trying to just create a lot of camp competition to see what sticks. This by no means addresses our needs at olb. We still need to fill it during or after the draft.
    Posted by PatsLifer

    Gary Guyton is likely gone. He's meeting with the Dolphins on Tuesday.
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    Re: Bobby Carpenter

    My NFC team is the Lions.  Carpenter wasn't worth a crap there or for Dallas.  He did okay on some special teams but when you ask him to play LB he got pushed all over the field. There was no fight in him.  The guy has pretty good size and has a lot of speed.  He just doesn't use it.  He is absoultely nothing like his dad.  And someone was right about being an overachieved at OSU.  Their LB's always look good because that is the way they play the game.  Funnel everthing to the LB's.  They have had lots of All Americans but very few did anything in the NFL.  HE does not play the run at all. He lets guys push him all over the place.  I've never seen him anywhere near covering a receiver either.  He is a DUD!
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    Re: Bobby Carpenter

    If he is with the team I will be suprised at the end of Camp... Likely depth for camp but might be special teams guy.