Boden and Paris

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    Boden and Paris

    how happy are these guys, moving from the 0-16 lions to the team that is one year removed (and one future HOF quaterback removed) from 16-0. BB will turn these players into winners
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    Re: Boden and Paris

    Bodden was already a very good player,and Lenon is a decent LB'er. They weren't the problem.

    The Detroit Lions' terrible tampa-2 was.

    The whole defense is designed around creating a "box" with your ends and safeties.

    Cornering that "box" with Jared Devries, Dewayne White, Daniel Bullocks and Kalvin Pearson is a recipe for failure of a the "system" defense of all "system" defenses. Not one of those players is a star, and for that defense to work, aat least two or three need to be stars and the other two need to be quality defenders.

    Compare that to other "succseful" Tampa-2 units:

    Tampa Bay 2002?

    Simeon Rice, Greg Spires, Dexter Jackson, John Lynch

    Or the 2006 Colts?

    Freeney, Mathis, Sanders, Bethea.

    Having a quality MLB and RCB means nothing if you cannot get to the passer and control the seams there.

    And as far as Bodden goes, sticking a guy who is more comfortable in man-man coverage into the T-2 is silly anyway, because the corners play squat zones the majority of the time there.
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    Re: Boden and Paris

    I'm always glad to see players come aboard from bad teams. Fitting the system is extrememly important, but it has to be a relief for a player to come to a team that only needs him to play his role. These guys can just slide into their roles in New England instead of having to worry if their teammates will be their to help.
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    Re: Boden and Paris

    Leigh Bodden is gonna do great things this year, in Cleveland which is basically the Patriots defense, he had 6 picks. Chad Johnson also called him one of the best corners in the league that year. Lenon wont make as much of an impact but he'll get some playing time in passing situations and on special teams.