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Bold Prediction of the Week

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    Re: Bold Prediction of the Week


    If they get out and start really slinging the ball and the weather is fine then they will get it done. The pass defenses they play this year aren't that strong and we play some pretty easy teams here and there. Tom and the offense in the years really have slowed down in only weather incliment games (rain only) snow games they usually blow teams out but rain games they get a bit more sloppy. Again as long as there are no rain games Tom should be on pace to put up some fantastic numbers as usual.

    I am more looking forward to Tom building upon last season where he had a great year with accuracy and putting the team on his back. I am looking this year for him to do the same again but with more options on the outside hes going to just explode and have a full arsenal in front of him for the first time since 2008 (when he wasn't even able to play the other 15 games).

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    Re: Bold Prediction of the Week

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    Is it as embarrassing as getting a safety on the first play of the SB?  
    Posted by ManningRules

    Probably about as embarassing as your former #2 back getting cut from the Pats' on opening day.  Wow.

    Bush league, bro.  Bush league.
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    Re: Bold Prediction of the Week

    We will have 3 receivers with 10+ TDs this year . Vereen will be a weapon as a 3rd down back. We will see Woodhead and Vereen in old school dual H back sets w/ 2TEs and 1 WR and be dangerous with it Especially red zone possessions. More TDs in red zone this year. We may score 500 pts this year,barring keying injuries.