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I am still laughing at the guy that says Mayo needs to do it for more than one year and Meriweather just had one good season.  Meriweather was asked to play nickel as a rookie after playing 4 years as a Safety.  It's very difficult to move from Safety to CB.  So, he playe out of position, Last year was really his rookie year because he played his normal position. If anything, he now has experience with both slots and playing his normal one now.  As for Mayo, if you don;t think he'll be as good in his second year or possibly better in a traditional 4-3, you don't know football very well.
Posted by russgriswold
i would think a player needs to bring it every game every year. anyone with the knowledge of football knows this,as for merriweather,you answered it,he has been average,regardless the exscuse.mayo did have a good year,but im wondering what did he do last year,to say he is great?

wilfork said it best,you cant judge something by how it looks on paper.