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Boston Globe Sports writer

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    Boston Globe Sports writer

    I have retired now live in Orlando, Florida.  However, I used to live in Boston.  And like most of Bostonians, I read Boston Globe and followed Boston sports teams; particularly Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, and Bruins.  I read Boston Globe even now on their web site and follow the Boston Sports teams.  But now, I noticed one thing the Boston Globe writer criticize their sports own team and the teams loose.

    Originally, I wrote this email and posted it on topic Boston Globe writers but the topic was mysteriously disappeared.  Therefore, I wrote the email again.  My contention is because Boston Globe writer criticize the Boston Sports teams and most reader read it, it Bolden the officials who referees the games and they calls the game accordingly.  These officials read the news paper too.  When the call is obviously wrong sometimes they express the apology to the team (example is Celtics double technical to coach and Bruins penalty) but meantime the game is lost (and in this case also the Celtics coach paid his fine) and these officials give apology after the game is played.  The Red Sox will get these non calls this year (in the baseball it is easy to call a pitch strike or ball) because of the Boston Globe writers criticize their players.  Please give your opinions on this topic and not my English (because I learned English as my second language).

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    Re: Boston Globe Sports writer

    Folks that post here are constantly on the writers for getting nasty on the team be it the Pats, Red Sox, Celtics or Bruins.  Unless they go undefeated the writers here will tear them apart.  Every once in a while we do get lucky.  We had Reiss to fall back on but now he's gone.  The writers here eat their own. 

    I've stopped reading them for the most part.  Why get yourself upset?  You know they are going to be overly critical no matter what.  You have to go outside the Boston media to find anything worth reading about your favorite team.