Boston/Pat fans Re: "why are we here"?

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    Boston/Pat fans Re: "why are we here"?

    Why is "J-Bolt" or "J-Bolted" here?  This thread was posted earlier.  I can answer this rhetorical question:

    This site is filled with the most passionionate, heated debates.  The people that post here, although head strong, will almost always back up a decent thread with links and statistics . . . . . actually using facts to support the argument.

    This place is great theatre for anyone that loves sports in general, Pat fan or not.  You may get a couple grenades thrown at you on this site if your opinion differs from anothers, but this is a football site, and no virutal skirts are worn here.  So it's all fair play.

    I've been a Peyton fan at times and a Moss hater.  I've been both a Pats detractor and at times and also predicted a Pat blowout win in the superbowl.  One thing that is great about this site though, regardless of your opinion, east coast fans will always tell you how they feel, and they'll at least back it up with something other than decade old references to past teams, unlike here on the west coast.

    In short, that is why west coast fans like J-Bolt (or Bolted) are here.  We love sports and we love hearing well thought out opinions about sports, regardless of what comes out in the heat of the moment during a thread.

    Keep it coming!
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    Re: Boston/Pat fans Re: "why are we here"?

    One other point I missed:

    While I am here I will admit that yes, as a 49er fan, I am threatened by both Moss and Bradys' assault on Montana and Rices' greatness.  That assualt is like someone stealing your childhood memory and walking all over it . . . . .

    I am sure J-Bolt was hoping to challenge the Pat dynasty with the Bolts.  It is also the excellence of the Pats the past decade that brings people here, in addition to the debates.
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    Re: Boston/Pat fans Re: "why are we here"?

    I like having other teams fans here, wish there were more. I never ask why, i say why not.
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    Re: Boston/Pat fans Re: "why are we here"?

    I like the effort in this maninCA.  you have good points, but of course there are other fans from other cities who are just disrespectful and rediculous. go into the celtics forum and watch this moron named greenkiller(1-watever number he is upto, last i checked 56). guys like that i click the ignore button.

    i liked what u had to say about Brady and Moss stealing Montana and Rice's greatness and hoes its like someone stealing your childhood memories.  That is where my disdain for the colts comes from.

    I want the Patriots to be the best and be the best ever and no one close because thats how it was when i was 15-16 years old. 
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    Re: Boston/Pat fans Re: "why are we here"?

    I agree with Laz. I welcome fans of other teams here, except when they are here simply to agitate (one NYJ fan comes to mind). I don't see why the presence of other teams' fans here is different from the banter I have with friends who support other teams.

    maninCA, beware. I can see Pats fanhood in your future.
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    Re: Boston/Pat fans Re: "why are we here"?

    You must be smokin' some CA weed because the whole point went right by you. Any discussion about who was the better team or QB Manning/Brady....Pats/Colts over the last decade has no room for Bolts fans to chime in with your team or QB. I was on the NFL site Sunday and there was a Chargers fan boasting about next year. Hillarious when one considers that been heard so often it's like a broken record. JBolt likes to come hear and punk up the board. All I'm saying is maybe your team should actually play up to expectations just once before you come here comment on other team's failures.
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    Re: Boston/Pat fans Re: "why are we here"?

    Great post, for a Patriots fan in Georgia this site gives me the chance to hear the latests and greatest from Pat fans as well as hear how fans from other teams feel about their team messured against the Patriots.

    Numbers on the 00s Patriot speak for themselves.  This year's SB Champs Saints said they looked forward to playing against the Patriots because they have been the model franchised and even in a so so year are still a dangerous team.

    I hear you on Montana and Rice, I don't think Rice will ever be caught on most of his records.  Now Montana on the other hand will be the #2 best QB of all time behind, you guessed it Tom Brady.  Right now I still have Montana #1 but brady not far behind at 2.

    The 49rs should be very happy to what's happening out west, they IMO should be favorite to win.  If Alex Smith can become a "game manager" with that D and running game that team is set for a few years.

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    Re: Boston/Pat fans Re: "why are we here"?

    You need dissenting viewpoints. As an expatriate Patriot fan (I love that), I like to come in here and read what the folks back home think about the team I don't get to see as much as they do. Having said that, there's only so much "In Bill We Trust" I can stomach. Ask underdogg(g) why he's here, and I'll bet he'll tell you that it's because the Indy boards are full of inveterate homers and there's no acctual debate. Now, I'm not sure I would necessarily qualify some of the "I'm rubber, you're glue" that goes on in here as debate, but I think most people who enjoy internet message boards are like me -- they like to banter opinions and try to box people. It's a kind of intellectual gymnastics. If you add to that the fact that the New England Patriots had become a kind of Evil Empire of their own over the last decade or so --  insert your "There was no Year 0" take here -- and you have a drawing card for any fan of any team to come in and bash the Pats for no better reason than that the Pats have likely been kicking their teams @ss for a number of years.

    But I didn't come here to tell you any of that.

    I came here to tell you this.

    Outlanders like to frequent this board because they know that New England fans are the most knowledgeable, passionate and loyal fans in the world, and they're hoping some of that will rub off.

    That's the wisdom as I see it.
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    Re: Boston/Pat fans Re: "why are we here"?

    Actually I think most outsiders come here because they probably despise the Pats
    and love to rub the fans noses in anything negative.