Boston sports writers.....where do you start?

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    Boston sports writers.....where do you start?

    From a Boston Globe statement that the Colts would win, to the unbridled bumkissing of Manning from Mazzerotti, Shaunessey, Breer and the clowns at the Herald.......w.t.f.h?   It is glorious.  How could the unmatched intelligence of Polian and his organization, ex coach Dungy declaring an easy victory in a New York broadcast allow this to happen?  To be force fed columns for two weeks why Manning was better, why the Colts organization was the model, why the buzzards were flying around Gillette Stadium, isn't this just wonderful.  And mostly, to question why any fan of football would not pull for the best quarterback possibly ever in the game?  Because you idiots, if you are a Pats fan, you hate the Colts.  (Mazzorotti)..........same goes for the Yanks and Sox.  Get a clue.  Congratulations New Orleans...have a pre Mardi Gras party and keep it going.  You deserve it!

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    Re: Boston sports writers.....where do you start?

    no need for a boot since1966 they know how to choke themselves
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    Re: Boston sports writers.....where do you start?

    Boston Sports Writers...You start with an accurate journalistic description: "Arrogant." You proceed to a journalistic assertion: "mean spirited," by which I suggest that they are sticking it in the face of the common "fan" to get a rise, read their pixxed off thoughts on these comments, etc. You end with a journalistic conclusion: "inexperienced" for some, "mailing it in for others." So in combination, you have an arrogant, mean-spirited, inexperienced/lazy group that is utterly bankrupt. But all this was as of yesterday; let's see what tommorrow brings from these "knights of the typewriter." A chance for redemption? Some honesty, humility, work, statistics, interviews, comparisons, solid thoughts based on interesting and relevant experiences (for the veteran writers). We shall see.
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    Re: Boston sports writers.....where do you start?

    I absolutely hate it when people start with the if your a "real fan" BS!  Im as big a fan of Boston sports that there is, from the Celts and Pats to the B's and BC/BU hockey, and everything in between. Yes there are different levels of fans and thats fine. I consider myself a sports junkie, I love almost all sports, speaking of...I cant wait until next week for Oly. Hockey. Out of all my favorite sport to watch is playoff hockey, theres nothing like. Some of my favorite memories are from the 88'/90' B's playoff's, unbelievable! And Oly. Hockey reminds me alot like the NHL playoff's, the talent, the urgency, laying it all on the line as only hockey players can. Ok, sorry I got side tracked here. But since you brought it up, about being a "real fan" , I think people who just hate the colts so much and put them up there with the NYY/Jets/MTL/Lakers remind me alot like "johnny come lately". They have been are rival for about an hour and I will forever believe its because people secretly think 18 is better than 12. Your pseudo hate is so contrived its not funny. I have never rooted for the colts and will never do so, I dont like them at all. But unlike some of you Im not a moron, I can appreciate what 18 does and admit hes a great QB. It doesnt mean I think hes better than 12, has nothing to do with that at all. I cant stand T.O. , but I can appreciate him and even though I dislike him as a player I think hes a top 5 receiver all time with J.R. , Moss , T.O. , C.C. , Irvin/Brown. You guys sound like such losers saying how much Manning choked etc. Actually he played a great game, but made one mistake, so obvi. you losers will only look at that. He went 31-44/388/1-1, and made 2/3 unbelievable throws that only 5 guys in the could make. Like I said, they're our rival, I root against them every game they play, theres not a number high enough that we can beat them by. But saying 18 is a choke artist is just dumb, is Wayne a choker? He made a great play last SB, but came up short here, he was clutch a couple years ago, but now he sux on muffler? No he just didnt make the play, thats it. Im sorry, but like I said earlier your pseudo hate is so contrived. The cool kids like LADY GAGA, so the next day at school you show up with a coke habbit and a blonde wig to slob their knobs. Comparing the Colts and putting them up there with the Lakers, Yanks, and MTL Can. is so foolish and makes me think how big a fan are you?  Were you a fan of the PATS in the 80's-90's, have you been rooting for the B's the past couple years or just last may. Ill bet $ most of you have a #5 jersey, but no 33, 10, 15, or 24 jerseys. Nothing wrong with KG at all, hes been my favorite player since 95', is one of the top 25 players all time. Point is most of you are just a 3B or "Backseat Bandwagon Bimbo". I thought and said the Saints/Vikes would represent the NFC in the SB since late August and it was clear who would be playing I picked the Saints two weeks ago, I said Saints 33-24. Please tell me some more how much you hate 18, his commercials and his brother(who really does su ck!). No-ones a bigger PATS fan then you big guy, huh buddy! No-ones a bigger fan than you guy'ola dude man chu!
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    Re: Boston sports writers.....where do you start?

    Boston Sports writers are all FRAUDS.

    They love it when their home team loses while praising rival teams. All this talk about Peyton Manning becoming best QB over Brady nonsense, like all of the sudden their math has gone backwards, Manning possibly winning 2 Superbowls vs Brady having 3 is better, W T F????????. I hope they all choke on their own vomits. I must be the only who didn't think this game was a gimmee for the Colts.

    Who were the Colts really, how about a team that benefited from a barrage of Pass Interference penalty flags throughout their season, specifically in all of its 14 of the 16 games they played, they had at least 2-3 PI calls per game and all other phantom calls go against the other teams. No PI  calls tonight and look at their sorry azzes

    the lousy 17 points they put against the Saints is exactly the type of team the Colts were, NOT this explosive offense that we've been bombarded with to believe. I knew dam well New Orleans was not going to be a roll over and look at how they easily took care of the FRAUDS.

    I LOVE IT....couldn't have happened to a better team to lose, THE COLTS. Where are their piece of sht fans that were yapping nonsense for the past 2 weeks. I hope their vomits taste good as well.