Brady and Pats Close to Deal?

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    Re: Brady and Pats Close to Deal?

    saw this earlier in the day, thought it was great news for us. TB will be soaking with alot more motivation. 
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    Re: Brady and Pats Close to Deal?

    Leon tell everyone a story!!! My favorite, the football story when you played

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    Re: Brady and Pats Close to Deal?

    In Response to Re: Brady and Pats Close to Deal?:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Brady and Pats Close to Deal? : They extended nothing?  I didn't realize Revis was already under contract for 4 years.  You are really on top of things.  Not only did they give Revis QB money, but they gave him LB money, DE money, WR money, T money, and NT money, all of which positions have players paid more than Revis, including Wilforks nearly 19 mil this year.  Seeing he has to go up against Mangold twice a year, that is probably money well spent.  Greene was suppose to be the man last year as a rookie 3rd round pick? It wasn't suppose to be TJ?  Wait a minute... is this Griswold? The way you are making stuff up is very familiar.  Do you know who else hasn't done anything for any length of time?  Maroney.  But if your biggest issues are with the running game of the NFLs best rushing team and with the guy who led the NFL in the playoffs in rushing, you have a pretty weak case.  
    Posted by PhatRex[/QUOTE]

    Couple corrections here Rex. Revis was on his 4th year of a 6 year contract so in fact they only actually extended realistically 1 extra year while spending an additional 25mil over what they owed him. So they essentially extended him 1 year for an extra 25mil. When you actually break down his contract it's averaging 11.5mil a year of which the majority is guaranteed.

    It's true Wilfork will get paid 19mil this year but that includes signing bonuses which is typical in the first year of a deal esp in an uncapped year. When assessing a contract you need to look at average over the length and guaranteed money in which it only comes out to 8mil, far less the Revis.

    When dealing with the 3 larger contracts the Jets gave out they won't hinder them if a couple of things happen:

    1: The new CBA drastically increases the cap space
    2: There is no cap in upcoming years
    3: That's all the big money they spend (hence Brady's suppose new contract, Wilfork, Moss are the Pats big contracts currently with a number of mid contracts and a bunch of lower contracts)

    other wise they are going to be in big trouble in a couple years when Sanchez comes looking for more money and they can't afford to spend it on a QB.

    As for team friendly. Any large guaranteed money is never team friendly. Being the highest paid C in the league is not team friendly. Neither is being paid as a top 3 of anything (Ferguson and Revis), however, saying that I would place all 3 in the top 3 in their positions so it's not like they didn't deserve to get paid as such. But, calling what they got as team friendly is nuts. Much like calling what Wilfork got and what Brady's about to get as team friendly.

    Just a different view on positional value really. The Jets put their highest value on a T, C, and CB (all top 3 easy) and Pats put highest value on QB, NT , and WR (only Moss being arguably not in top 3 though his numbers are hard to question that he isn't).
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    Re: Brady and Pats Close to Deal?

    I am starting to wonder with all of the pats fans arguing about their wonderful contracts if they no longer care about championships.  Got their fill.  Ok to wait 20 yrs or so for another - but hey - everyone else overpays. 

    Doesn't make much sense to me.

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    Re: Brady and Pats Close to Deal?

    Ho hum why are the 3rd best team in the AFCE still part of this thread. Great explanation PatsEng.  TJ and Greene essentially switched off the roles envisioned by the Jets mgmt for 2009.

    Interesting to note that since Schefter tweaked the story with this mysterious 4th year on the new contract it's suddenly a "lead" story at ESPN
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    Re: Brady and Pats Close to Deal?

    This thread is about Brady's contract. 

    No one cares about the Jets caving into Revis, or their lack of offense including their diluted running game.