Brady: Best QB in the NFL(?)

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    Brady: Best QB in the NFL(?)

    From ESPN. You'll need an Insider account to read why though:

    With another year of Quick Reads in the books, it's time to look back at the regular season and compile each week's totals into our cumulative year in review.

    Using our advanced metrics, DYAR and DVOA (explained here), we'll be taking a look at the best and worst players at each position, identifying players who have improved or declined from a year ago and revealing which players are the league's most underrated and overrated by their traditional statistics.

    First caveat here: No numbers are perfect, of course, so we'll also point out where we disagree with the data. Also, remember that DYAR is a cumulative statistic, so players are rewarded for answering the bell every week and doing the most with their many attempts. Some numbers might also look strange due to rounding (like Philip Rivers' totals, for example).

    Quarterbacks: Best and Worst

    Analysis: How are Peyton Manning and Drew Brees not, in some order, 1-2?

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    Wait, wait... Brady No. 1? How did this happen? And who's No. 1 among the worst QB performances? JaMarcus? Keith Null? Someone else? What about RBs? Will Chris Johnson be No. 1? Will someone else? So many questions ahead -- but for the answers, you must be an ESPN Insider.

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    Re: Brady: Best QB in the NFL(?)

    That's right.