Brady Criticized by Pats Fans

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    Re: Brady Criticized by Pats Fans

    This so called article is drivel and old news. Really poor excuse for reporting. I wouldn't call Mazz a fan. And most fans who read that piece of doodoo ripped Mazz in the comment section.
    Dunno if poster NYC is trolling this site, but really?  As a Pat fan, and I know I speak for many, I say TB can yell at whoever he wants on the team, whenever he wants. He's earned it, he talks the talk and walks the walk. And he always takes responsiblity for his game. He doesn't need any defending. The Globe needs to gat a grip on who they have reporting. Getting Herald like. (Tomase anybody?)
    I miss Mike Reisse here.

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    Re: Brady Criticized by Pats Fans

    In response to "Re: Brady Criticized by Pats Fans":
    In reading this article, the one thing that people forget is that Tom is who he is because of his competitive desire - without it he would be nothing. What you saw on the sidelines was a guy competing (Belichick said it himself). Was it right? Probably not, but guys that are wired that way do things like that all the time in the heat of battle. Another point from the article that I whole heartily agree with is when Maz mentions the meeting room (A Football Life ESPN) and the exchange between BB and his staff - no one talked except Bill in there - that to me was very weird. You have a meeting and everyone is afraid to voice their opinion? Then why have a meeting? I can't imagine most staffs do it that way - at least most good ones. That to me is a clear sign that the people around Belichick have very little say in the decisions of this team...draft selections, schemes, etc. That's what worries me. When BB goes to Florida and then drafts 3 guys from that school; I wonder if the scouting department was on board with that? Posted by mthurl
    If I recall that scene showed a two minute speech by BB during the meeting. BB was the subject of the documentary so little time was spent on the opinions of anyone else. The fact that you didn't see the entire content of the meeting does not mean that there wasn't more that happened. I find it hard to believe that BB would have a meeting two minutes long, we probably missed the other 58 minutes. They could have showed one of the other coaches talking and then you could say why doesn't BB talk during the meetings. A two minute glimpse into one of hundreds of meetings will not tell you anything about how the Pats are ran.
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    Re: Brady Criticized by Pats Fans

    In Response to Re: Brady Criticized by Pats Fans:
    The problem is many Pats' fans are anal. The solution is for them to stop being anal. Brady is the same as he has always been regarding how he treats his teammates. There is not one iota of evidence that Brady is a detriment to young WRs. This is the kind of simpleton's view that anal drama queens pull out of their anal cavity and call it reality.
    Posted by BabeParilli

    I totally agree. It is like the simpleton who says Brady is never wrong and should never be called out by a coach. Allyour anal comments apply to that guy.

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    Re: Brady Criticized by Pats Fans

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    The skittish offense in the shtgun base spread that Brady forces O'Brien to run must improve or be dropped in January.  He's out there at the end of games due to 3 and outs, incompletions, stalled drives and refusing to use a lead RB. That simple. It has failed miserably since 2005 playoffs, starting ironically, in Denver.  Brady must learn to get a better feel for calling plays at the line when given the multiple options from O'Brien. Funny how I have been calling out the phony Mazz all year for not calling out the flawed and systematically disastrous O'Brien/Brady relationship and now that we have actualy proof of it with an accurate column, they still cannot admit anything that Brady does wrong to be wrong. LMAO Pink hats unite!   Apparently,#12  could run over your grandmothers and it wouldn't matter. GB Packers D = "Ranked 31st" Why is Aaron Rodgers out there battling in close games? LMAO
    Posted by RidingWithTheKingII

    Really now it's Brady forcing O'Brien to call the spread? Where is your proof with that? We all know you don't like the spread and now your doing a 180 on your dislike of O'Brien so you can bash Brady. You wonder why people call you out. You make as many non-fact opinionated statements as anyone you call troll or pink hat, just don't pretend you don't.
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    Re: Brady Criticized by Pats Fans

    In Response to Re: Brady Criticized by Pats Fans:
    I don't care where the malfunction is between he and Brady, whose fault it is, etc, etc.  That's not the issue. The issue is there is clearly something there and it's not just "O'Brien has no right to make a scene", it's WHY he did. I know what I see. I called it 2 months ago and have been taking heat here ever since. I don't need proof. Not on trial here.  Wake up.  Tired of little dorks trying to run around here and spin things in order to defend Brady.  Go look at Brady's postseason stats since 2005 when the McDaniels spread was introduced.  Great stats offense for Brady to break records with a TERRIBLE fundamental championship style offense for the postseason. All YEAR we've seen the Globe media afraid to challenge Brady. Bill O'Brien, whom I am not a big fan of, actually does it on live tv hopefully snapping Brady out of his BONEHEADED throws and decisions for us to get past for January, and some of you still can/t see straight. Why are boneheaded throws and decisions now accepted from Pats fans?  Anyone have an answer for that? Why are 3 dropped INTs on the road in the Jets game a good idea for us? My hope is this incident is a GOOD thing where O'Brien had to do it to get Brady to finally wake up.  HOPEFULLY. I don't know what it's going to take, but maybe that was it. This game is not about stats. We cannot be throwing away TDs or even 3 points like that in January.  For the life of me, I have no idea why any Pats fan is cheering for just horrendous QB decisions that we make fun of whether it be Gomer Manning tossing games away or someone lile Sanchez who is inaccurate or bad. Be consistent. Brady is not immunce to criticism.  Don't be frauds like Mazz. Mazz gets it right for the first time all year and now his name is brought up here? LAUGHABLE. Christ, I, along with others are fans who brought up the hypocrisy of the Packers "31st ranked D" and how only NE's D is criticized simply beacause BB is a meanie, McCarthy isn't, and the media loves the likeable Brady. PHONY This at least isn't phony piece by MAzz for once and it's a problem?  Hilarious. Best article Mazz wrote all year at any time. FINALLY there is some honesty with the issues with the offense. We don't win a SB with the Brady of today.  We need the Brady who is reined in, which maybe an awkward sideline scene helped do finally.
    Posted by RidingWithTheKingII

    King / Rusty

    Good post. You are right to separate posters feelings about Mazz from Mazz making some points people do not want to hear. The reality is everyone needs reining in from time to time including TB. Everyone needs an attitude adjustment. All and all I think the sideline spat was a good thing to open things up and clear the air. My hope is things change from here on out and TB does more work to get on board with new guys like Underwood and even Ocho. 

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    Re: Brady Criticized by Pats Fans

    In response to "Brady Criticized by Pats Fans":
    TB is being criticized as being self centered, petulant and refusing to spend the time necessary to bring his young receivers along. As mentioned by Mazz in the article below, this is not the Patriot Way. What does all this mean? Is this a temporary response to the frustration of having too much on his shoulders? Is it symptomatic of something bigger: Brady has become too self important to himself? Your thoughts? What needs to change? T om Brady is the greatest player in the history of the New England Patriots, a quarterback so accomplished we compare him to Joe Montana. But as Brady heads into the final years of his career, we cannot help but wonder if he has now inherited a little bit of Dan Marino, too The Patriots are still on course following a 34-27 victory over the Washington Redskins Sunday, and we can continue to debate where the team is headed this season with a defense of castoffs and misfits. New England is in a nip-and-tuck affair with Baltimore and Houston for the top two spots in the AFC playoff field, and the Patriots will claim one of the top two seeds if they win their three remaining games. In the meantime, maybe it’s time to wonder if the Patriots are becoming as Brady-centric off the field as they are on it. Sorry folks, but there is no defending Brady for the outburst directed at offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien on the sideline in the fourth quarter Sunday. Had Randy Moss pulled the same stunt, we would have spent much of yesterday burying him for such petulance. Brady threw a horrendous interception in the end zone on a pass intended for Tiquan Underwood when he could have sealed a victory, then went to the sideline and threw a tantrum to go along with it. Tom Brady vs. Tiquan Underwood. Now there’s a fair fight. One man has three Super Bowl rings and more than 39,000 career passing yards while the other has 10 career catches and not a single touchdown. Who’s Brady going to blame next, Stephen Gostkowski? Zoltan Mesko? And here’s the real kicker: Everything about the throw was putrid. The decision. The execution. Brady carelessly tossed it up there as if he were feeding Manute Bol in the low post. Then he blamed someone else.  So much for the Patriot Way. With that in mind, let’s give O’Brien some credit. If you read colleague Greg Bedard yesterday, you know Brady went to the sideline and gave an earful to both Underwood and receivers coach Chad O’Shea immediately after his blunder. To his credit, O’Brien came to the defense of both, responding with such fury that Brady retaliated with a crystal clear “No [expletive].’’ Fine. In professional sports, arguments happen all the time. The games are emotional, the competition can get intense . . . yada, yada, yada. But Underwood wasn’t the only receiver chastised by Brady Sunday - Wes Welker and Deion Branch also heard about it after miscommunications - and one can’t help but wonder if Brady has grown more stubborn and spoiled with each passing year of his career. Remember two years ago, when Brady drew the wrath of linebacker Ray Lewis after lobbying with officials for a roughing-the-passer call in a game against the Baltimore Ravens? Brady smugly applauded Sunday when Redskins linebacker London Fletcher was called for a personal foul, delivering a hit to Brady as he slid to the turf. In all of those instances, the message is the same.  You can’t do that to me. I’m Tom Brady. Maybe this is why Brady has appeared on a list of the most disliked players in the NFL. Here’s part of the problem with the Patriots the last few years: For guys who continuously preach the concept of team, Brady and coach Bill Belichick have garnered a disproportionate amount of the attention and responsibility. Brady and Belichick are now perhaps the only chance the Patriots have at another Super Bowl, if for no other reason than the fact the Patriots have been stripped of talent on both the roster and coaching staff. That said, good for O’Brien for taking on Brady. As we learned in the NFL documentary on Belichick, “A Football Life,’’ the Patriots recently have seemed like a one-man show on the administrative level. The scene of Belichick doing all the talking in one meeting with his coaching staff spoke volumes, not a single member of the staff looking comfortable enough to offer an alternative viewpoint. Meanwhile, by contrast, Belichick seemed quite receptive to the offerings of his quarterback when Brady suggested an addition to a play as they sat at Belichick’s desk discussing that week’s game plan. Belichick took a role in defusing the tension between Brady and O’Brien that existed Sunday, but he should have been right there alongside O’Brien airing out his bratty quarterback. To his credit, Brady took blame for his actions on the sideline, though that hardly makes them excusable. At this stage of his career, Brady should be getting more mature and responsible, not less. Instead, he seems to be getting more like Marino, one of the most accomplished passers in league history who never won a thing because he never understood the most simple rule of team sports. It’s not about you.  It never was and it never is. Posted by NYC
    Too many words to read... Who cares what this guy thinks
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    Re: Brady Criticized by Pats Fans

    I'm sure the Pats could trade Brady for this guy;