Brady fined

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    Re: Brady fined

    Very dumb but don't blame Brady for protecting himself against the dirtiest team in league!  the ravens are head hunters....freakin pollard shud have got fined for Ridley hit but he knows he won't.   League is inconsistent and shady....



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    Re: Brady fined

    Warnings were out.  To go along with the unacceptable turnovers, Brady demonstrated the decline of his leadership and game management skills with his kick slide while his defense held strong for most of the game. He was fortunate not to have gotten a flag on that play, which would have hurt even more than the time he wasted.  If those things and his inaccurate passing continue, BB will eventually have to decide to bench him as he did Bledsoe. 

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    Re: Brady fined

    Fine??? Please!!!! his playoff checks for division Champion was $22000, then playing in Divisional round another $22000, and $40000 for playing in AFC Championship game..... total of $84000 bucks. A real fine woild take all that plus cut into his yearly salary...

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    Re: Brady fined

    What a sniveling little whiner he is, I mean really?   His career has come down to kicking other players like a little sissy?


     I'm embarrassed to be a Patriot fan right now.... Oh the shame!!  

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    Re: Brady fined

    Read the ruling on that hit. It was interpreted as legal by the league. Accept your loss and move on. Some of these rulings seem so obtuse that there is no point to even guess until Monday AM for the official decision.

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    Re: Brady fined

    bad move...he is paying fine.....move on