yesterday's eei interwiew is perhaps the best and most PASSIONATE i hawe ewer heard TB before. he was asked about his knee and how he awoided a serious injury.. he was really detailed in crediting his body doctor or body coach what ewer that is.. said he will get pulls or nagging stuff that keeps most guys out for its all taken care of in his regimen. unless its a direct hit or collision he'll b fine. feels that instead of 12 hours that hit he took would hawe been 12 days instead. good thing he doesnt publicize this dude's name for he seems like a true guru. hope its all on the up and up.. just sayin!

liked how tb mentioned that ewerything he does has a fooball component, from his bed, to how he trawels, it all connects. uses his leadership position to share that with the youngies as well.. if ur not getting in ur reps and maximizing your body, ur letting down the team. wow!