"Brady going back to the open receiver" nonsense.

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    This statement couldn't be more true!

    ""Defensive play has a large impact on offensive balance.""

    Yet, there are some goons here ( especially the King goon) that can't or refuse to admit that and think the O should be running the show WITHOUT any support from the D. 

    It's beyond crazy!



    What does the D have to do with balance on offense in an offensive era? Many of the blown games by our team in recent years were WITH LEADS in the game, where the D was holdoing to 10-14 pionts through 3 qtrs.


    IN this era, you dictate with an offense, not a defense. QB/Offensive League. Our D doesn't tell our offense to pass 45 times and be imbalanced.

    Christ, you psychos need help, NOW!

    You call me a goon, but I've nailed every single stage of this the whole time.  Amendola will help the offense because he line up inside and out. Welker couldn't do that.

    Brady's buddy/buddy friendship with Welker also was a detriment to the flow of the offense and it made it easy for Ds to take out Welker with the knowledge they are buddies and what our preference would be.

    Ever hear about deception in football? Well, our offense SUCKED at that for the last 3-5 years (minus Week 4-17 in 2010).

    SUCKED at it.



    Duh, You just said it.  The D can't hold a lead.


    When you have a D that can't hold a 2 score lead you try to extend that lead. 

    It's no different than an offense playing from behind because you can expect that you will be eventually and 99% of the time it has come to fruition.

    When a D can't get off the field and limits your scoring opportunities, you also go to a pass first O because you can't waste more time as the D is already eating it up in ELEPHANT size chunks.  High scoring offenses need an acceptable amount of possessions to score, NOT LESS!   Scoring on 40% of your drives will lead to higher scores with 12 possessions (normal) as apposed to 40% of 8 possessions.  The only way to beat that is to score on more than 40% of your drives, as the Gints did against a poor defense.

    When an opposing team recognizes this or game plans for it, it makes you easier to defend.


    They have held leads!  Brady throws 2 INTs per game in the games they don't hold the lead.


    AFC title game in 2011 is one example of many.

    You're so arrogant in thinking Brady tossing INTs in closer games don't mean anything when they do.

    Why do you think Balt beat Denver? Gomer's INTs you idiot!

    No one said Brady tossing INTs don't mean anything. You're arrogant to think that defense doesn't matter anymore

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