Brady, Hoyer, Mallett=Montana, Young, Bono?

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    Brady, Hoyer, Mallett=Montana, Young, Bono?

    Bono signed a contract with the San Francisco 49ers in '89 where he remained for five seasons. Bono spent the 1989 and 1990 seasons as the 49ers' third-string quarterback behind Joe Montana and Steve Young. In 1991, with Montana lost for the season, and Steve Young injured mid-season, Bono started six games. He went 5-1 as a starter and finished the season fourth in passer rating behind Young, Jim Kelly, and Mark Rypien. Bono returned to his backup role behind Young in 1992 and 1993 & later went on start for KC..

    It seems we have a pretty good QB core in New England right now (even though Hoyer & Mallett have A LOT to prove still). I actually listened to 2 seperate groups of commentaters in preseason games this weekend remark how good Hoyer/Mallett looked & that there are a handful of starters in the league that wouldn't be fit to hold a clip board for the Pats. In my mind Montana-Young-Bono is the best 1-2-3 QB punch I can think of....Were there any other notable ones?

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    Re: Brady, Hoyer, Mallett=Montana, Young, Bono?

    Okay, I get what you are saying.  Going by the thread title I was a bit confused why Hoyer, Mallet and Bono were in the same sentence as Brady, Montana, Young.
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    Re: Brady, Hoyer, Mallett=Montana, Young, Bono?

    I didn't realize Mallett could sing... ba dum chhh

    Would that make Steven Ridley The Edge... ?
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    Re: Brady, Hoyer, Mallett=Montana, Young, Bono?

    In Response to Re: Brady, Hoyer, Mallett=Montana, Young, Bono?:
    Hated Bono...still do actually.  Back in HS I went out with this crazy chick, she was just Sooo smokin' hot though.  Seriously, looked just flawless.  Best friend of my 1 true first HS love...  But man, she WAS crazy.  Alota people thought she might be a lesbian.  Either way, it's like she never wanted to get together, after the big "chase" was over & done, After I dumped this other girl just to hook up with her.  Then I hooked up with this random girl on a golf green, And I knew it was gonna be over w/ that hot one that never wanted to get together anymore, less & less.  From a small rumour-mill town, and THAT super hot lesbian (or whatever) girl, didn't show up for school on Monday...  But as soon as I got home from class, she was ringin' me. I remember she's bein' all super-nice & all on the phone, sayin', "Let's hang out, Come on over, I REALLY wanna see you!"  Man, I KNEW it was some sorta set-up, trap...and I'm like, "No you don't, That's weird, b/c you haven't WANTED to be even near me for like 2 weeks now..."  <tryin' to throw it back her way, fault-wise-The reason I hooked up on that golf green />  Anyway, but that st#pid 1% imbec#le male part of me (the one that says, "Nah, she's tellin' the truth, She wouldn't lie, Because she's way too hot to lie." Smart rationale, like that).   So I go over... Walked over, she only lived 4 streets over from my parent's house.  So she ccomes out- Oh, OH, lmao- BE-fore she even came outside, I'm just sittin' in her open garage/front lawn waitin' for her...But her little 12 year old brother comes out with a radio, And just placing it on the ground, he hits play, walks casually back indoors, and I hear: "I have CLIMBED the high-est mountains, I have RUN thr-ough the fields;   On-ly to be with you, ON-ly to Be WITH you." I thought it was a weird thing to do overall.  I'm goin', "You comin' back on out? Playin' some nice music for me? Short attention span  (you left your radio outside)?"  St#pid Bono...I KNEW U2 was her favorite band, but imo she only liked U2 and bono b/c the whole European band artsy flare (w/out actually following or knowing any other non Top 3, non-American band).  Hmmm, now that I think of it, It was either "I can't live with or without you," OR it was this one (above): "I still haven't found what I'm looking for."  I don't remember... Either way, that 1% m#ron male in me is still kickin' stronger than ever ("She's hot, and Laz you're QUITE a catch, If I do say so myself...No WAY this is about you. You'll probably start makin' out right here on the front lawn in broad daylight, once she steps outside and sees you").  Ahh, that didn't happen.  She came out and was holding a brown paper bag, & she kept sayin (after meaningless initial "Hellos"): "Hey do you have ANY-thing you wanna tell me? How was your weekend, btw?" I'm just like, "Nah...same old booooring weekend."  She then (oh, btw, her brother came outside when the U2 song was over, just to press repeat on the CD)- She then, lifted her hand in the brown bag, and pulled out a felt rose I guess I gave her (I'm not sure when, but it was a good symbol, b/c she kept bringing up the times I sent HER best friend <that 1st HS love I had /> flowers, and how idk- stuff about love; So I gave HER a felt-rose I bought <smart AND cheap /> sayin' to her something like, "I may have given Amy flowers, but they all died...this one will never die.").  Yea, she reached in, stomped it on thr ground, and told me, "I was just like every OTHER guy she had EVER dated!" After she went inside, I just continued to sit on the lil' bench in her frontyard for a bit (where we were sittin').  I figured she still might come back out, in order to apologize, and ask me to make-out or something...but she didn't.  Ehh, I carried the bag and rose (back in it), as I walked a few feet to the end of her street.  I really didn't know what to do with it, and that was weighing pretty heavily on my shoulders, ya know?  I don't like to litter, but I didn't wanna have to bother with it by carrying it home...  Luckily though, RIGHT as I went just a few feet to her street end (her's the corner house on the main road), a HS friend of mine, swings right on by, goin' down this main route...  He goes, "Need a lift?"  "Man, perfect timin' brian," I said, "Talk about GOOD luck!"  Now, I could throw the bag by the road, and not worry about some neighbor in my absurdly prissy town givin' me sh#t.  Overall, I was pretty satisfied the way things worked out just perfectly like that.  I still hate bono though.
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