Brady is the problem with this offense

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    Re: Brady is the problem with this offense

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    In Response to Re: Brady is the problem with this offense : The OC needs to get the boot. The Pats need to get some intensity back in their offense, and the way to do that is run a no huddle.
    Posted by kansaspatriot

    Lol this guy can barely get the play calls in as it is.

    You expect them to run a NO HUDDLE?

    In all seriousness, it's too late to replace him - the new person would need just as long to adjust.
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    Re: Brady is the problem with this offense

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    Brady has a lot to do with the Pats struggles but take a look at others that we never thought would cause our team headaches... 1.  Brady not throwing accurate and spreading the ball 2.  BB going for it on 4th downs and making other questionable calls 3.  Adalius Thomas is NOT what we signed him to be 4.  Jerod Mayo isn't nearly as aggressive as he was last year (possibly playing hurt) 5.  Merriweather CANT tackle. (the supposedly leader of the secondary) 6.  O-Line still looks tired from the 07 run at times. 7.  Moss aint Moss. The only player or coach who has really met expectations is Wilfork & Welker.. & TBC is actually overachieveing.  Its an off year for us as "Patriots" but its a brand new season once the playoffs start.. So let's focus on the road ahead. 
    Posted by 617AcrossDaBoard

    Ok... to the list
    1.  yeah, somewhat true.
    2.  No way,  he always played a hot hand on 4 and short just outside of red zone.  im ok with it.  He just didnt get execution he should have, or in the case of the colts game, the reffing. 
    3. yep, he isn't.
    4. Don't agree with it at all, hes solid, dont see alot of bad there.
    5. Hes a safety, a hitter, and i dont have a huge problem with his style.
    6.  Not with Sea Bass in there.
    7.  Nope.  Moss IS Moss, without the spectacular leaping grabs.  Don't know if thats moss or brady not putting it up high enough, but he doesn't leave his feet ever.  other than that he is the same self centered lazy problem child he always was. I think alot of guys have played well, Faulk, as usual, Vollmer, Koppen, and Bodden has been amazing.  
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    Re: Brady is the problem with this offense

    It is called max protect man. The Pats usually only have three guys out there. Four if they are in spread. Not that it matters because Welker and Moss are the only two guys who cna get open and catch it regularly.
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    Re: Brady is the problem with this offense

    Not to be redundent, but Brady is hurt, physicaly, and due to the fact we have no options on offense besides the usual suspects. The oline could be better, but IMHO I think its meant to get down field, quick out, screens, etc. We need a reg. , consistent running attack. And I think U can tell Brady is frustrated w/ the lack of depth on the offensive side of the ball. Blaming the play calling is getting so old, but it's so true. The Mike Mcken. pick, very predictable, at least I saw it coming a mile away, same thing w/ the Davis pick in the end zone two weeks ago. Moss is my fav. player ever, but Im a Pats fan first, forcing the ball to him is not the answer, but can U blame him, we dont have a tight end that goes over the middle(how crazy is that). We need to address that in the worst way this offseason. I know they pass n run block, but there are so many many good pass catching t.e.'s now, we need to find one, and keep another for blocking. 3rd rec. , we all know bout that, goes w/out saying. I mean we have one guy who can get down field, U know, I know it, everyone knows it, including every D in the league. And by the way 81 is far from the problem w/ this team. Blaming him is just dumb and a uneducated fan's way of looking at the problem. That brings me to the defense, where to begin? We need another corner, two if we let Bodden go and dont resign him. One corner has been picked one for the last 4-5 yrs. Hobbs, Whilete, Oneil, whoever. LB's also have to be addressed, inside and outside. To me that might be the biggest problem we have on this team. Everyone knows in a 3-4 U need athletic backers in that system, to rush the passer and make plays in the run, passing game. To me thats the biggest problem w/ out D this year, hence the back n forth early this year to the 3-4/ 4-3. Good thing is, we have alot of draft picks,  and this years draft is very deep in terms of guys who would be olb/ilb in the nfl. Also its very , very rare to have a draft were there could be 4-5 guys who could be legitimite 3-4 ends. Extremely rare and this years could have a couple. We need help on offense, but I like Tate and depending on how much BB does, we could get a decent rec. in the late first, early second, also r/b. But I think we'll go D, early. Bryant, Spiller, Dywer, could all fall to late first, early 2nd, depending on the draft order and how many teams trade up/down.
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    Re: Brady is the problem with this offense

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    Untill he lets go of his Blanket and teddy bear (moss and welker) and starts throwing the ball to the other recievers this team won't score many points.  Watson wasn't even targeted in this game, baker either.  18 passes to moss and welker 5 to the 3 other recievers.  This team preaches not being predictable if 78% of your passes go to TWO guys how much more predictable can you be.
    Posted by JaeD

    Good point.  Did you also notice that, late in the game, on a few 3rd and short situations, he throws a riskier long pass > a secure short pass to secure 1st down???  Not intelligent play calling!!!