Brady needs time

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    Brady needs time

    Did anyone catch what happened to the Colts last year?

    Manning and the Offense struggled for the first half of the season... at one point their record was 3 wins 4 losses.

    Brady didn't play a real game of football for 19 months... 19 months from SB 2007 to the opening game of 2009.

    Brady only has two WRs he is familiar with in 2009.  In 2007 he had Gaffney, Moss, Stallworth, Welker... unfortunately Galloway is a flop, and everyone else doesn't have the experience or talent of a Gaffney or Stallworth.

    And it doesn't help that every team in the NFL is ready for the Patriots... in 2007 they had never seen the Moss, Welker, Stallworth, Gaffney 4-wide attack before, they were blown away by it... Brady was at his best, the peak of his career.

    They would be 5-0... no doubts about it... if they had either Gaffney or Stallworth over Galloway... and if Brady was in 2007 form.

    But Brady is not... as evidenced by his overthrowing a wide open Moss in the EZ, and a wide open Welker who was heading to the EZ, in the Denver game.

    Expect more struggles before Brady gets back or near to where he was in 2007... and hope he can recover as quickly as Manning... if not, they could easily have a record of 6-5 as they head into December.
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    Re: Brady needs time

    Peyton did not lose a SB the last full game he played,his O cordinator and #3WR before he came back from his injury. Tom did so his struggles are different. Also peyton did not get jammed in the knee and took off the field.Tom did!! It has to have some effect on his mental game. That is what Tom is known for mental game as much as his talent. As for letting Gaff go I'm not sold it was'nt the right move. Tom liked playing with Gaff but he would not make Tom throw better. Remember Gaff's the 4th guy at Denver. Which is a better fit for him @ 4th wr not 3rd. Who does'nt look better than Galloway though? What BB should have done with a QB coming back from a a major injury was get a legit run game. I like the Taylor signing don't get me wrong but this is a young man's game.
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    Re: Brady needs time

    I agree with everything you are saying.

    It is a lot to ask Brady to come back and play to his previous best, anytime this year... but certainly even if you hold out hope that he will, you have to give him at least HALF the season to get with it.

    And what I agree with you about even MORE, is that is was foolish of BB and the Pats to go into this season thinking they were going to be able to let Brady carry the load... emphasis SHOULD have been on finding a dependable Bruiser for RB, we all know Maroney is NOT that guy and did nothing to prove he ever would be... fast in the open field he is... a Bruiser between the tackles he is NOT.