It was a horrible performance for Brady.  He looked bad.  He looked weird.  He was stalking the sidelines like a scorned woman outside the house of her prefered lover who is inside with another women.  He threw 3 more picks that were not caught.  I count seven balls thrown to defenders since the no INT streak began.  The fact that none of them were caught is an increadible streak of luck or having sold his soul he has minions working for him.

A win is a win but havin Arol Flyn in the redzone with a chance to win the game at the end is far from a decisive win.  What if Brady puts up one of these classic stinkers in the playoffs?  Maybe he should cancel his regular apts. with Under Armour and Ugg (female boots) on Wednesdays and get his behind to practice.

MVP?  He didn't even show up to the game last night and the team won.  Hoyer could have dropped 50 on the pack.  He had the best hair in the stadium.  Better than the cheerleaders.  Most Valuable Player?  No.  Most Expensive Player?  Absolutely.

Wha Wha.

Vick was awesome again.  Brady doesn't even play in games where he is down a couple scores in the 4th quarter.  Vick does and does it well.