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    Re: Brady/Playoff's

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    I don't think anyone panics more on these boards than you except for Texas Pat. Brady had a bad game today so  like the true fairweather fan you are everywhere here gloating. Root for the Jets somewhere else.

    I am not panicking at all.   I knew what BB was doing on D when the starters he chose to rest were Inactive.

    I am well aware we don't win a SB with that kind of an offense, though.   Showing up in spots ain't cutting it. Ain't cutting it. And, I am not asking for 4 TDs here, but just some ball movement and some field position wins if you can't string a drive together for a FG or TD.

    We got a problem on offense and I acknowledge it. I warned all last year.  Keep in mind, this happened last year XMas time too, when they couldn't cross midfield against Miami in the first half with everyone running in to bash a vanilla/no gameplan D.


    Don't look now, but we don't win a SB unless Brady and this offense wakes up.

    He played poorly today and the offense as a whole was stopped by a defense that quite frankly looks better than ours. If we don't win the Super Bowl again this year, I'll take my chances that it'll be the defense's fault.