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Can Brady move and throw the deep ball as well as he could earlier in his career?  No, probably not.  Can Manning? Can Brees? No, but still top QB's in the league.  Brady is still a very accurate passer, maybe not as much on the deeper routes but on the shorter routes he is.  Brady carries the team on his back every season. 

Please tell me another QB who could come in here and lead this team to the seasons Brady has?  There aren't any! Not with this defense.  Now how many SB's do you think Brady would have if he was playing with the 49'ers D or the Seahawks D?  How about with the weapons Manning has?  Come one guys, Brady isn't the problem here, he still gives this team a big advantage over other teams, just need to give him some more help and tools to work with.



TFB, good post. No denying your point here, BUT will he be better at what you describe at 37, 38? God knows I wish he could be, but the older he gets the faster the Defenses get. He doesn't have enough mobility/diversity. Not his fault. I LOVE TOM! BB just needs to get the next guy ready for 2015. Tom won't be as good then as he was this year and that wont be good enough no matter who hes throwing it to. Next year is his last, best chance and we all need to get use to that sooner than later. WHO really wants to see him two years from now even if he is as good as this year? The reason for so many great comebacks this year can be attributed to his aweful starts all season long. It was unnerving. I know I sound sacriligious, but its true.  

Hey RallyC, yeah I get it, I know he can't play forever and he is at the tail end of his career but I think he still has 2 good, productive seasons left.  But he needs the right pieces around him if they are to get another SB.  Do you hang on to him for a couple years and try to give him the pieces or do you replace him now?  I don't think Mallet is the guy to take over.  I don't think there is anyone they can get right now and be SB contenders the next 2 seasons.  Get someone in here and groom them to take over either after next season or the season after.  I really think the offense, and scoring problem was more due to the receivers then Brady being older.

good post and i agree with all of that. brady missed a couple of throws and it hurt but he also took care of the ball and didnt commit any turnovers. other than edelman his receivers stink and struggle to get open. a lesser qb would have thrown a couple of picks while trying to force it. i dont think mallet is the answer either. id like to see a qb that is more moble and can make a few plays with his legs. the year cassel played he was able to keep a couple of drives alive every game by running on third down. 

Matt Cassell, are you for real? You know he is still in the league . Ask Kansas City about his mobility and what it got them. I'm sure Minnesota would be willing to make that Cassell for Brady trade.